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Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2020 (Online with Velvet Ashes) | (April 22)

Hello Friends!

Because of the Coronavirus and the shut-down of the world at this time, we canceled our Romania Haven Retreat, which was so sad for us to do. However, in lieu of meeting in person in Romania, we are excited and grateful to be able to offer the women who would have attended in Romania an online Retreat through our partnership with Velvet Ashes. This retreat will take place this weekend, April 23 - 26, the same dates originally scheduled for the Azmera ROMA

NIA Haven Retreat. We are hoping to connect through social media platforms as much as possible with the women who registered for Romania, so this is your invitation to pray for this group of women over the next seven days. As always, please pray as the Holy Spirit leads you, and know that He delights in the time you’re spending with Him as much as He loves the prayers you bring before Him. Be blessed and be well. - suzanna

April 22: Pray for the "Romania" Connection Crew as they prepare to meet with the women through skype/zoom/etc. and online through various avenues of social media. Everything is different and new

in ways - pray they would be filled with peace and excitement to still be able to connect with women even though the platform looks different than before. Pray that each woman who is committing her time this weekend to be present for the Azmera / Velvet Ashes retreat would be spending some focused time with the Lord, to prepare her own heart and mind to be used as God desires and the Holy Spirit leads.

Pray for the facilitators of the Azmera / Velvet Ashes Retreat to continue to trust God with the time and space they have set apart to come alongside women through this online retreat. Ask that God would bles

s the work of their hands, and would cover the online space with His protection from any work of darkness, from bad connections, from power outages, from anything that is not the work of His hands. Thank Him for giving these women the vision, desire and ability to put thi

s together for the good of those He loves and for His glory.

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