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Azmera ROMANIA Haven Retreat 2020 (online with Velvet Ashes) 2020 | (April 25)

April 25: Pray for the women as other things come up and may hold more interest than taking the time out for the retreat. Pray that there would be an increase in desire for this time to spend with the Lord and with others in community, and that there will be help on the home front for those with families/roommates to continue to hold this time as sacred. Ask that the times of worship for each woman will be sanctified and protected, and that as much as God receives the worship, the women will feel His love and delight for them in tangible and good ways, that get straight to their hearts and speak what needs to be heard the most.

Ask that God will show how He is moving mountains and softening hearts in the lives of those the women have been praying for - ask that they be given an increase in faith and perseverance as they wait on God to shift things and do the miracles longed for. Pray that they would know how to celebrate and choose to walk in joy in the midst of waiting and hoping and praying. Pray that they would know their prayers are holy and held tenderly by God.

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