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Azmera PHILIPPINES Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 19-February 25)


We hope you are well as this new week is upon us. Thank you for taking the time to pray with us last week; your prayers are impactful and we hope the time with the Lord was sweet. This week we are transitioning from our Philippines Haven Retreat to the Vietnam Haven Retreat and we will continue praying for women attending and volunteering at both retreats. Our ever-present reminder is to encourage you to pray as the Lord leads and to not feel as though you must pray over every prayer suggested. Our prayer for you this week, as you pray over the women and their requests, is that you will encounter Jesus in ways that your heart and soul are longing for and that as you pray you will know that you are loved and delighted in as well. May you know the peace and presence of God with you this week.

Sunday, February 19

Pray for the Retreat as it wraps up today. Ask that the last moments of teaching, worship, and connection will continue to be life-giving and encouraging; that as the women prepare to go back to their families, ministries, and responsibilities they will do so filled with hope, reminders of the goodness of God, and a new depth in their walks with the Lord and their understanding of who He is and how He is with and for them.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they wind down their time with this group of women, for them to have the energy, presence, and focus to finish this time well and with a continued sense of expectation and awareness of the presence of Jesus and what He is doing. Ask that they would be aware of their needs as they rest, reflect and process the last few days, for them to give one another space and grace as each one has needs that differ from those around her.

Pray for the women as they leave and make their way home, that they would know the protection and presence of God with them as they travel and process their time spent at the retreat, the things they learned and were reminded of, the healing and words of truth and love spoken over them, and the moments of laughter and light that were experienced. Pray that God would seal in each one His truth and words, and that anything that may have been spoken, seen, or experienced that was not of God for this time will be wiped away from each woman completely, and that what remains will be only truth and God’s voice. Ask that His glory would be great through this time spent together.

Pray for A as she and her husband are looking ahead to a six-month sabbatical next year; pray that even as they look ahead and make plans for both their ministry where they are now and for the busyness of the sabbatical, they would be reminded to stay focused and be present in the things at hand right now. Ask for provision for the things yet to come and for peace as they trust God with every detail that will need to be taken care of between now and then.

Monday, February 20

Pray for the Connection Crew as they debrief and process this retreat, that as they share and celebrate the things they witnessed God do among the women who attended they would take the time to see how they also encountered God in their own hearts and lives and walks with Him. Pray for protection over the women who are traveling back home - for peace and rest and smooth travels. Pray for the women who will be traveling to Vietnam for the next Haven retreat, for rest and smooth travels, and for the switch in heart and mindset to build a new team with other Connection Crew members and to be present for a new retreat with new women to serve.

Pray for E and her desire to remain connected and present with Jesus amidst the ins and outs of the busyness of the daily routines. Ask that God would protect her heart and mind, eyes and ears from distractions and noises that are not His voice, that she would be able to sit with Him and be fully present with Him. Pray that she would be encouraged to faithfully work on the tasks at hand while allowing herself to rest and find joy around her.

Pray for W as she trusts God to provide for her daily needs, and to give her strength and stamina for the tasks and ministries before her. Pray that she would seek Him first and trust Him to know her needs and provide as the need arises. Ask that she would take wise measures to stay healthy and active as she works and serves and interacts with those around her.

Pray for J as she mentors local missionaries preparing for the mission field, that she would walk with wisdom and discernment as she teaches and coaches. Ask that she would be willing and able to step aside and allow Jesus to take the lead in her conversations and relationships, that she would long to see Him at work and for His glory to be greater. Pray for those she is working with to walk closely with the Lord and to trust His voice as they listen and as He leads them.

Tuesday, February 21

Pray for the local workers and staff that will encounter the women on the Azmera retreat this week. Pray for their hearts and lives to be encouraged and drawn towards God through what they witness among the women this week. Ask for protection and power over the rooms and spaces used by Azmera, that the Spirit of God will fill every room and His fragrance will be tangible.

Pray for H and the heart God has given her to serve unreached people in Malaysia. Ask that she would trust God with His timing and provision, and would wait to take action and movement until she hears His voice leading her. Pray for peace and confidence in what God has given to her for this season, even as she looks ahead to what is yet to come.

Pray for G as she looks ahead with excitement to the possibility of a new ministry she may have, to come alongside migrant workers in Taiwan who are facing unexpected and unwanted pregnancies. Pray for sensitivity as she listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit and trusts God’s leading, timing, and provision in this area. Ask for a covering of protection over her as she explores what this ministry could look like and as she ventures out in faith in new areas.

Pray for L to have the energy, wisdom, and discernment she desires for this year, as she waits to see what God has in store for her. Pray that she would make time to be still and sit with the Lord and listen to His voice as He speaks words of life and truth over her. Ask that she would trust God with her two sons who are figuring out their own path back in the U.S., for the distance she feels as she watches from afar; pray that she would continue to be a safe place for them to come to with questions, frustrations, and joys even over the distance and miles between them.

Wednesday, February 22

Pray for the Vietnam Connection Crew as they get to know each other and continue to prepare for the upcoming retreat. Pray there would be a spirit of unity and joy among them, for grace and compassion and truth to be evident in every conversation and interaction, and for the joy of the Lord to be abundant and visible. Ask that each woman would be able to sleep and rest well each night, and to be energized and prepared for what each day holds. Pray that they would all have precious moments of connection and communion with God as they gear up their hearts, minds, and spirits for what the next few days will hold.

Pray for D as she desires to abide in the peace of the Lord. Ask that she will know His invitation to step into His presence and find rest and peace from the chaos, disruptions, and distractions that can happen when asking for peace. Pray for protection over her time with God, for her to rest in His presence and allow Him to be the God of provision, power, and life that she is longing for Him to be.

Pray for M and her team as they face issues with visas for their team. Pray that they would trust God in the waiting and would be able to see how He is at work in other areas as they look to Him to provide and be with them. Ask for them to choose gratitude, praise, and hope in every season and situation where so many things are out of their control. Pray that M would lead her team with grace, compassion, understanding, and presence as she roots herself in Jesus.

Pray for L as she looks forward to this retreat as a time of rest and encouragement. Ask that as she connects with other women during this time that she will hear the voice of the Lord over and over as He speaks to her the truth of who she is in Him, and of reminders of the good things He has yet in store for her. Pray that she would trust Him and walk wholeheartedly on the path He has set before her, that she would allow Him to speak life and love into the lonely places in her heart and life, and that He would be light and hope when things feel the darkest.

Thursday, February 23

Pray over the spaces that will be used during this retreat. Pray the Lord will sweep away anything that is unclean and not of Him from every room and place where these women will gather, whether alone or together. Ask that the Holy Spirit will dwell heavily in these spaces, that the atmosphere will be heavy with the holiness of the presence of God, and that all who enter into these areas will be entering a place of rest and power.

Pray for Christina as she directs this retreat; that she will be rested and refreshed for each day as she switches gears from the Philippine retreat and Connection Crew to this time in Vietnam. Pray that she will feel the calming presence of the Holy Spirit and will follow His leading and voice as He directs her.

Pray for Judy as she manages the retreat and all the details and schedules that are in place; pray that she will have the energy and focus needed for the situations and unexpected things that will arise each day. Ask for God to meet with her during this time in beautiful, holy, and just-for-her ways even as she gives of herself and focuses on others.

Pray for J as she and her family continue to adjust to having three little ones under three years old. Ask for rest and consistent renewal of energy as they parent as well as maintain responsibilities with the ministry and work they are a part of. Pray they would make time to connect as a couple and to be patient, gracious, and kind with one another.

Pray for L and her family as they are in the middle of the adoption process, as they hope and wait and continue to work through the piles of paperwork and red tape. Pray for continued patience and trust as they wait on God’s timing, that they would see where He is at work in the midst of this adoption as well as in other areas of their lives. Ask for God to move mountains for them, and for things to move quickly so they can bring their little one home.

Friday, February 24

The Vietnam Haven Retreat begins today! Pray for the Connection Crew as they put the final touches on the plans and preparations, and for the time they spend together in prayer and waiting, that they would be unified as a team and filled with anticipation for what the next four days will hold. Ask that they would be energized and filled to the fullness with the wonder of God and His goodness to bring them to this time and place.

Pray for the women as they arrive, that they would feel a tangible shift in their bodies as they enter the space, and that the burdens and hard things they’ve been carrying would be lifted from their shoulders, minds, and hearts. Ask for each woman to be greeted in such a way that she immediately feels not only welcome but is given a safe space to be vulnerable and loved on.

Pray for Grace as she prepares to give of her time and heart through teaching over the next few days, that she will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will trust Him to lead her and give her the words needed for each session and for each conversation she has. Ask that she would be covered with the power and protection of God physically and emotionally during every minute of her time in Vietnam, and that she would encounter the Lord in unexpected and powerful ways.

Pray for Debi as she prepares to lead this retreat in worship through music, for her heart and mind to be attentive to the Holy Spirit, and to trust His voice and leading as He calls her out into new areas of worship and trust. Pray that she would be able to sleep well each night and to be rested and refreshed for each day as it dawns, that her heart and mind will be filled with praise and contentment.

Pray for H as she is coming to this retreat with the desire to step away from the busyness of work and the demands of life; ask that she can see God’s provision in time off of work as well as the financial provision to attend. Pray that her faith and trust would be renewed and refreshed during this time away, that she would be reminded again and again how beloved and precious she is to the Father.

Saturday, February 25

Pray for the first full day of the retreat, for all of the activities, conversations, teaching, and interactions that will happen today. Ask that the presence of Jesus in all these things will be noticeable, will bring comfort and peace, and will invite the women into spaces of truth and transparency as He desires to speak love over each one.

Pray for Rille, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Shannon, Sarah, and Tiffany as they will be serving through the practical act of giving pedicures to the women; pray that God would bless the works of their hands and the words of their mouths as they spend time with the women who come in for a little pampering. Pray for each of these women as they step out in faith and trust God as they speak in love and boldness, that they would be able to witness the faithfulness and goodness of God in real-time.

Pray for Amie Beth, Rosslyn, and Elis who will be hosting the creation station and filling in the gaps wherever needed, that they would each be filled with joy and expectation to see the Father move as they walk in trust and obedience. Ask that the time they spend with the women will be filled with light and laughter and that burdens will be lifted and eased in their presence.

Pray for R as she enters this retreat, that it would be a time of rest and refueling, for her to be encouraged the moment she steps foot in the hotel. Ask for her to be reminded that she is seen, known, and loved so deeply by God, that He is with her in all things and desires her good, and that He doesn’t want her to grow weary in the work she is doing. Pray that this time will be life-giving for her, that she will be given new tools and understanding of setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing her own mental and emotional needs.

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