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Azmera PHILIPPINES Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 13-February 19)

Hello, Friends!

The Winter Season of Azmera Haven Retreats has stealthily snuck up on us (or on me anyway 😊). We are so happy to see you here in this space and would love to invite you to pray with us for our Philippine Haven Retreat and for every woman who will be in attendance through either a volunteer capacity or those attending. As always, we encourage you to pray as the Lord leads, to not feel as though you must pray for every single prompt, and to allow yourself to sit in the presence of Jesus and listen as He speaks over you. We’re grateful for you and we are excited to see the work of the Lord revealed over the next three weeks!

Sunday, February 12

Pray for the Connection Crew as they are together in the Philippines and have begun building their teams and preparing for the retreat later this week. Pray for unity, compassion, and an abundance of joy and laughter as they spend time together.

Pray for A in her desire for an increase in wisdom in her life, relationships, and walk with the Lord. Pray that she would be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and would act in courage and discernment as she is led. Ask that she would be given a light heart, confidence, and trust as she walks in the way set before her.

Pray for L as she and her family continue to care for and adjust to her father living with them, as he requires a lot of hands-on care and attention around the clock. Pray that she would ask for help and make time to step away and find rest for herself in the midst of the extra busyness of life. Ask that this time of retreat would be life-giving, restful, and refreshing for her as she rests in the Lord. Pray for protection and health over her family in this season.

Pray for J as she spends time at this retreat, that it would be a place of quiet waters and rest for her soul, mind, heart, and body as she steps away from the ministries and responsibilities that she has. Pray that she would see the glory of the Lord and encounter Him in ways that will bring life, hope, and goodness to her heart and soul. Ask that she would see God’s hand of provision in her life in everything.

Monday, February 13

Pray for the spaces and rooms that will be used during the retreat; that God will sanctify and make holy with His power and protection in every area the women will gather in. Pray the Light and Presence of Jesus will cover every inch of space used, and that every woman present will sense a difference in the atmosphere where they are gathered and where they meet with God alone.

Pray for J and her family as they fight off sickness and colds in this season; ask for protection over their bodies and for good health, as they spend time with others and continue to work and serve in the areas and ministries they’re involved in. Pray they would see God’s goodness and faithfulness in ways they haven’t yet experienced.

Pray for B as she trusts God and His provision for her to not only attend this retreat but in the things she keeps hidden in her heart as requests before God. Ask that she would step into new areas of trust and faith in her relationship with God, and would withhold no “ask” from Him, but would know that He is good and that what He has for her is good. Pray for renewal and hope over her during the retreat.

Pray for CK as she spends time at this retreat, for the friendships she will make, the conversations she’ll have, and the time spent on her own with the Lord. Ask that she will see where and how God is inviting her into a deeper space and relationship with Him, that she would walk forward with courage and peace as He leads her to places of rest and renewal. Pray she would walk away from this time filled with courage, confidence, and a new level of trust in where He is walking with her.

Tuesday, February 14

Pray for E and the support she is raising and needing for future goals and ministries, that she would have discernment and boldness in asking as well as the grace to receive. Pray she would trust God fully and allow Him to provide for each need as the need arises, that she would know He is her provision and His delight is to give her good things. Ask that she would praise and glorify God wholeheartedly.

Pray for R as she desires to be refreshed and be given a new vision during her time on the retreat. Pray that she would have a soft heart and open mind to the voice of the Lord as He speaks truth, life, and leading over her, that she would trust His voice and turn her face towards Him in obedience and delight. Ask that she would be reminded how much she is loved by the Father and how much He delights in her and has good, good things for her.

Pray for C as she and her husband have very full plates in their teaching across many countries in Asia this season; ask that they would have the wisdom and discernment in their everyday decisions, as well as wisdom to make time to rest on a regular basis, with one another and with the Lord. Pray for rest, strength, and encouragement as they work around full calendars and responsibilities, that they would be cautious and aware of their own needs as they give of themselves.

Wednesday, February 15

Pray for M as she makes time to step away from her routines and responsibilities to spend time at this retreat, that it would be sweet to her soul and fill her heart with the goodness and love of God. Pray for protection over her mind and heart to rest and be fully present during this time, that the burdens of home life and ministry would be set aside and there would be room to interact with other women and to encounter God in holy places and ways. Ask that the joy of the Lord would once again fill her heart and would be sunshine and light over her soul, mind, and body.

Pray for F and her desire for fruitful ministry and life; ask for wisdom, strength, and provision as she walks with the Lord and ministers to those around her. Pray that she would see again and again the faithfulness and goodness of God in her life and relationships, that she would trust Him and walk in confidence in the areas He leads her.

Pray for B as she is in a season of transition that she has anticipated, that even with the change of things she would stay focused and be present to the people and things in the moment, to not be distracted by the things yet to come. Ask that she would make time to regularly step away from things and spend time with God, to listen to His voice, and ask Him to speak to her as she sits in His presence.

Thursday, February 16

The Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for each woman as she walks through the doors and is greeted by the Connection Crew, for the atmosphere to shift, and for each one to sense Jesus waiting for her. Ask that the glory of the Lord would hover over the gathering spaces and that from the moment they enter this space, they would feel rest for their souls, an invitation to lay aside burdens and weariness, and to know the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the unique way each woman is longing for.

Pray for the Retreat manager and director as they facilitate the details and timing of the next few days, that they would both make time to rest in the Lord and allow Him to speak truth and direction over them, to be filled to the fullness for what the next few days will require of them. Pray for them to sense the nearness of the Lord and to lean into His presence and voice.

Pray for the speaker and the worship team, that these women will walk into the presence of God, set aside their vision and goals, and be open to the Lord and to what He has in store for them. Pray for protection and covering over them as they give of themselves and trust the Holy Spirit to speak to and through them words of hope, truth, and peace.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they enter into these moments of service and presence, that they would be fully aware of the presence of Jesus and would be sensitive to the needs of the women they interact with. Pray for protection over their hearts and minds, and for an increase in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to speak and move with boldness and grace as they are led.

Friday, February 17

Pray for the first full day of the Haven Retreat, for the times of worship and teaching and connection that will happen at each table. Pray that the presence of the Lord will be felt and will bring peace, calm, and hope to each restless and anxious heart.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they facilitate conversations and times of prayer, that each one will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit of when to speak and when to stay silent, that they would be available and willing to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus as He leads. Pray for the times around the tables to be spaces of safety and vulnerability, and for there to be an abundance of grace, compassion, and truth to be shared and received.

Pray for those on the Connection Crew who will be giving their time through pedicures, creation stations, and breakout sessions, that each of these women will be filled with excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do through and for them; that as much as they are eager to see how He will use them, they would also be sensitive to what He has in store for each of them and their hearts, for the things they are bringing with them. Ask that there would be moments of holiness as truth is spoken, for a supernatural awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit, and for burdens to be lifted and darkness to be broken.

Pray for those on the Connection Crew who will be serving through counseling and prayer; pray for protection over each of these women and the spaces they will be using, that the presence of Jesus will stand guard over them and will clear space for truth, challenge, accountability and love to fill up the areas used. Ask that these women will be on guard against anything not of the Lord, and will speak in boldness and compassion as they sense the Holy Spirit leading. Pray for good brokenness and healing to take place, for the glory of the Lord to be revealed.

Saturday, February 18

Pray for the Connection Crew who will be filling in the gaps as needed, that they would do so with expectation to see God at work, and for light hearts and mouths filled with laughter as they serve and give of themselves in new ways and areas. Pray for Light to fill every room used and for lightness of heart and minds as weight is lifted and burdens are released.

Pray for the times of connection, teaching, and worship to be fun and filled with joy and happiness, and for the women to encounter the God who created smiles and hope and all good things. Ask that the down times will be filled with good conversation, fun activities, and a spirit of light.

Pray for the women as they are challenged and encouraged through all the various activities they take part of today, that they will distinctly know the voice of the Lord as He invites them into the holy spaces He has created and set apart for each one of them, whether it is through worship and teaching, connection circles, after lunch activities or moments of quiet as they sit with Him. Ask that there would be breakthroughs and softening of hearts as God speaks love and truth over them, that each one will be reminded of how beloved she is. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be evident and tangible to each one as she enters the presence of the Lord.

Pray for E as she and her husband transition to a new season of life as “empty nesters;” ask that they would be gracious and compassionate with one another and with themselves as they adjust to new routines and rhythms. Pray for this season to be filled with growth, encouragement, and fun as they rediscover one another in new and old ways, and as they figure out what life looks like without kiddos around. Pray that this time at the retreat would be encouraging and fulfilling to her heart.

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