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Azmera ONLINE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (November 9)

Monday, November 9:

J - Pray for her and her family as they transition back to the U.S. for a season, that things would go smoothly and they would be given a place to rest and be refreshed and restored. Ask for wisdom and discernment as they parent two little ones and struggle with marriage stress and the stress of all the chaos around them. Ask that God would send good people in their life to encourage them and carry the load with and for them for a season.

B - Pray for her as she looks ahead to her best friend leaving Cyprus in February, that she wouldn’t be so focused on what is yet to come that she would lose the goodness of what is right now. Ask that the time they spend together will be sweet and full of life, and that they will both realize a change of location doesn’t mean a loss of relationship. Pray that God would be preparing new friendships for both of them that will be as deep and meaningful as what they have now.

W - Pray for safe travels back to the U.S. for background checks, that travel and logistics will go smoothly and there will be nothing to unexpectedly hinder. Ask that they would be able to find someone to watch over their house and their kids’ bunnies who are new to the family as of August.

LT - Pray for the unrest in Ethiopia and specifically in their region of Ethiopia. Pray they would see how they can come alongside those around them to love, encourage and offer a place of safety if need be. Ask that they would walk in safety and wisdom as they continue to minister and serve those in their community.

That's it for this round! Thank you so much for praying with us, we appreciate your partnership with prayer so much, and hope that as you spent time with the Lord praying for this retreat that your heart and soul were ministered to by the Holy Spirit in ways you weren't expecting. We pray a blessing over you of health, safety and an increase in joy and hope as you head into this next season; may you know the goodness of God in all things, may you know how He fights for you always, may you know how precious and beloved you are to the Father, and may you walk in confidence in the truth of these things.

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