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Azmera ONLINE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (November 7)

Saturday, November 7: Pray for Crystal, Amy, Becca, Amy Beth, Heather, Peg and Elise as they lead workshops today; pray they would have fun as they lead and would be filled to overflowing with the goodness of God as they use their gifts for God’s glory.

J - Pray for her 17-year old daughter to begin to realize and claim how loved she is by her mother and by Jesus, that the truth of that love would be planted deeply within her heart and mind and would begin changing her outlook on herself and on life. Pray that she would begin to walk in confidence that she has a family she permanently belongs to and that fear and anxiety would be cast away by the love, protection and belonging of the family she has.

A - Pray that the mini-getaway she has planned for herself and a few other ladies for this retreat would not be hindered or stopped by COVID, but they would be able to step away for a little bit and be refreshed and renewed together. Ask that the time they spend together and at this retreat would be lifegiving and encouraging, and that Jesus would meet them where they are how they need it most.

J - Pray for safety and protection over her as she continues to minister and serve those in her community in the midst of this global pandemic, that she would be given the wisdom and discernment needed as she meets with people. Pray she would use godly caution when going out and would not allow fear or carelessness to settle in her mind.

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