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Azmera ONLINE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (November 6)

Friday, November 6: The Retreat starts today! Will you pray that God will use this time to encourage women, meet with them right where they are and pour out hope and confidence over them? Pray for technology to work smoothly and for distractions to be minimal for each woman attending. Pray for Adrienne, Shonna, Karen, Robin who will all be leading different workshops today.

L - Pray for her as she is learning how to deal with new levels of stress and anxiety. Ask that she reach out to others for guidance and encouragement, and to not feel as though she is alone in this. Pray that she would be able to hear the voice of the Lord as He longs to speak truth, peace, life and hope to her.

E - Pray that she would be reminded of how much God loves her, how much He delights in her, how much He longs for her to walk in the fullness of life with Him. Ask that as she is reminded she would be refreshed and renewed in spirit, that she would choose to walk in the truth of who God is and who she is to God. Pray for hope and desire to be restored to her, that she would see how God has been alive and at work and in her and in the things she has been praying for, that she has not been forgotten or overlooked as time has passed. Pray that she would once again long to see the glory of God over all the nations.

FT - She longs to know God deeper and to see His hand of breakthrough in her life. Pray that as she earnestly seeks Him, she will see Him and know life abundant. Ask that as she prays for specific things in her life she will see how God is answering her prayers and revealing Himself to her. Pray for protection over her as she steps into deeper relationship with the Lord, that the hand of darkness will be held back as she walks into the fullness of Light.

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