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Azmera ONLINE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (November 5)

Thursday, November 5: Will you pray for Heather, Carla and Crystal? They will be meeting with women in the setting of Spiritual Direction and Marriage Mentorship; pray they will be given ears to listen and hearts that would be open to what God wants to do. Pray for peace and calm as they meet with the women.

S - Pray for her and her family as they are in the midst of transition from one country of service to the next, as they wait on paperwork and logistics before they can leave. Pray they would have patience as they wait on things to move, that they would see God working in their midst, and they would be given excitement for what is yet to come.

S - Pray for her and her family as they recently found out they are unable to return to their country of service and will be sent elsewhere. Ask that God would put a protective bubble around their family as they grieve, have moments of doubt and anger, and question where God is in this; pray that well-meaning words from family and friends will not be heard by their ears if they are not words of life and hope for this season, as her family struggles with the feelings of the move and the weight of expectations from supporters, friends and family to be excited about this unexpected change of living, ministry and everything-else situation.

F - Pray that she would remember that her source of water and life is Jesus, that she would return to the well that gives her life and allow Him to fill her cup and soothe her soul. Pray that she where there is space and time in her daily routine to step away and be refreshed in the presence of Jesus, to lay her burdens down and put her feet up.

T - Pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy for her, that she would find rest in the Lord and allow the truth of His presence, love and peace cast out any fear and anxiety she may be holding on to. Ask that she would find delight in the Lord as she chooses to focus her eyes on Him in the midst of the pandemic and in the midst of all the things that continue to happen in her life daily.

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