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Azmera ONLINE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (November 4)

Wednesday, November 4: Will you pray for our Counselors today? Peg, Annette, Karen, Shonna and Miriam are graciously giving of their time and energy to meet with women this coming weekend; pray that they would make time this week to spend in the Lord’s presence to fuel up before jumping in. Ask that they each be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, that no word will be spoken out of turn, and that God would use their gifts for the good of the women they meet with and for His glory.

J - Pray for her and her family as they have had to make a sudden change in living situation - leaving their current country of service and moving to a new one. Ask that she know how to grieve well the loss she is experiencing in the things left behind and that someone will come alongside her to walk this portion of the road with her. Pray that as they adjust and transition into everything new, they would turn to God as their comfort, leader and source of life.

A - Pray for her relationship with her adult children, a son and daughter, neither of who are walking with the Lord. Ask that she and her husband be given wisdom and discernment in how to love their daughter, support and encourage her in her life without straining the relationship. Pray that God would restore their relationship with their son, as they have been cut off from him the past three years; pray for healing, redemption and the glory of God to be over this family. And ask that she would find comfort and hope in Jesus, that she would give herself and her heart the time that she needs to be renewed in Christ.

A - Pray for her as she expands their ministry to create a business for vulnerable wisdom. Pray that as things have slowed down because of COVID, that she will be able to see where God is at work and how He is continuing to orchestrate timing and details and all of the things that matter for this ministry. Ask that she would be given a depth of joy, hope and anticipation as she waits on God and trusts in His good timing.

W - Pray for her as she finds a good balance between a heavy workload and caring for herself, that she would have the courage and peace to say “no” and step back from things that are not hers to carry. Ask that as she cares for herself she will see how lifegiving and good it is to fill her cup up for herself, that there would be no shame or guilt. Pray that God would bring someone into her life to walk this road with her, to encourage her, support her, hold her accountable and cheer her on.

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