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Azmera ONLINE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (November 3)

Tuesday, November 3: Will you pray for Whitney and Joy today? They will be leading the worship portion of the retreat. Pray they will find rest and hope in Jesus as they spend time with Him and prepare to lead the women into His presence through song and music. Ask that they would both be filled to overflowing with hearts that long for heaven and with humble desire to lead others into His presence.

J - Pray for her to be covered in protection for safe travels back to the U.S. to spend time with her family. Pray that there will be no major bumps in connections and transportation, that her luggage will arrive with her safely, and that she will be able to rest well during each leg of the journey. Ask that God would go before the time she will be spending with family and friends, He will give her protection from what is not meant for her through things that may be said or done; and pray that her cup will be filled to

overflowing with this time away from home.

A - Pray for peace and calm in Armenia, and between Armenia and Azerbaijan. She is from Armenia and her heart is heavy for those from her home country who are in the midst of war, for those who have lost loved ones, and for peace to come quickly. Ask that she would find peace and rest as she seeks God first, that He would be her refuge and safe place as she intercedes for those she loves back home.

M - Pray for her as she returns to Cyprus after being in the U.S. unexpectedly, for safe travels, a smooth transition and rest during the journey. Ask that as she spends time with the Lord she will see how He is refreshing her soul during this hard year, especially as she navigates challenging personal and ministry situations and grieves friendships that have been broken. Pray that she will find fullness of joy in God as she looks to Him in and for all things.

H - Pray for her to follow the Lord’s leading and direction as He has gifted her to be a woman in a position of leadership alongside many men, including her husband. Pray that she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and trust Him to stand alongside her when the moments arise where she needs to speak up; ask that her voice will be heard and given the weight it needs as she speaks as a daughter of God.

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