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Azmera ONLINE Haven Retreat 2020 | Prayer Calendar (November 2)

Hello Friends!

We hope this finds you healthy and well and trusting in the sovereignty of our good Father in these days. I think we can all agree that this year has been very unique in so many ways; but because of how things have turned out in terms of travel this year, Azmera has been pleased to venture into new waters in the retreats we have been able to offer this fall. We hosted our first Stateside retreat in Colorado in September, and we are hosting our very first online Retreat Nov. 6-8. We would love to invite you to pray with us for the women attending the retreat, as well as the women who will be involved in facilitating the different aspects of the time together. We’ve crammed a lot into this shorter prayer calendar, so as always, our encouragement to you is to pray over these requests as the Holy Spirit leads you, and not feel as though you need to pray for every name/situation that is listed; Jesus knows what you need to pray for and will be faithful to meet you as you step out in prayer.

Monday, November 2: Will you pray for Gina today? She is the speaker at this retreat. Pray that as she prepares she will lean into the Holy Spirit and trust Him to give her the words to speak, to speak in boldness and love, and to lay herself aside for the work the Lord is longing to do through and in her.

E - Pray that she would look to the Lord to be her rest and refuge, and that she would find her confidence in Him alone. Ask that she would see where He is making time for her to slip away and spend a few precious minutes in His presence, that she would be reminded that God loves her so much and loves the time she spends with Him. Pray for her joy to be restored.

V - Please pray for her and her family as they launch their own organization; pray that they would trust God with all the details that still need to fall in place, and that they would not be distracted from their excitement of what is yet to come by the things still to be done. Ask that God would pour out abundant blessing and provision over them as they take this step of faith.

C - Pray that she would prioritize time with Jesus, and that as she spends time with Him she would hold nothing back, but trust Him to be big and good enough to hold her worries, concerns, doubts and fears - and all of the other things - with tenderness and care for her. Ask that she would allow Him to speak truth to her and that she would allow the truth to take root in her heart and change how she sees herself.

V - Pray that she would seek Jesus first in the midst of the chaos and craziness of the world around her, and that as she sits with Him where He is waiting for her there would be an overwhelming sense of peace in the place of fear, of calm in the place of anxiety and hope in the midst of the unrest. Pray that she would stand boldly in the presence of the Lord and proclaim His name with the power and the authority of the Holy Spirit within her, and that as she does so freedom and life will pour over and out of her.

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