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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 9)

Pray for A as she looks to God for His guidance and provision in new areas of ministry, that she will trust Him as she leads and walk n confidence in the path He shows her. Ask that as she desires to enjoy the Lord’s presence more this year she will learn new ways to quiet her heart and be still before God, listening with intention to the Holy Spirit’s voice and trusting what she hears.

Pray for C and her desire to not lose her heart of trusting in people, that God will bring relationships and people into her life to help rebuild this area in her heart. Ask for her to ask God boldly to keep her heart soft towards Him and the people around her, even as people will let her down and disappoint her, that she will know the goodness of God in the midst of those things. Pray that she will be brave and vulnerable and trust God with the people and relationships in her life.

Pray for C to see God’s hand of provision over her, especially in attending the Haven Retreat. Pray for the time she will spend at the Retreat, that it will not just be lifegiving and encouraging, but that it will be a place for her to rest her heart and soul and know the intimate ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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