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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 8)

Pray for A as she struggles with burnout and feeling the weight of darkness around her; pray that the Light will break through and the weight will be lifted from her. Ask for wisdom and discernment in seeking help and support for herself, that she will continue to ask and be open and vulnerable. Pray that she will feel the light of God’s sunshine on her face and will lift up her eyes to Him and will know restoration and hope in her soul.

Pray for B as she looks for someone to train to take over the work she is doing; pray that God will see the desires of her heart and will provide according to His will. Ask for patience and trust as she follows the Lord’s leading in all things, especially as she looks ahead to the transition of what is yet to come. Pray for the person or people that God has for this ministry, that they will have faith in His provision and will have soft hearts for what He has for them.

Pray for B for healing for the chronic back pain she was had for 12 years. Pray that God would lay His hand of healing on her body and bring into alignment what is out of place in her body, that He will restore wholeness and health to her whole body. Ask that she would continue to look to Him for hope and joy in the midst of pain and frustration, that she would see His goodness all around her.

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