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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 6)

Hi friends, thanks for joining us in praying for our Kenya Haven Retreat. We appreciate your support and absolutely could not do this without you! Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads; and as He does so, may you be refreshed and encouraged as you spend time in the Lord's presence.

Pray for M as she looks ahead to a sabbatical and time to rest and refresh. Pray that the Lord would show her the way He has made for her to sit and be still in His presence, that as she does so she would feel His mercy and ministry to and over her, especially as she feels mentally burned out and exhausted. Ask that she would look to Jesus, again and again, to be her hope, her rest, and to see how He provides for her on a daily basis.

Pray for T as she arrives back in Africa after time in the U.S. Pray for health and wellness as she readjusts and gets back into the rhythm of life and ministry. Pray that she will start things feeling refreshed and rested as she looks ahead to what the coming months hold. Ask that she would find and be aware of the space God is holding for her at the Haven Retreat.

Pray for K to dance with joy beside the well of the water of life that God has given her, that she will know that she is free to sing and dance with abandon and without shame because who she is in Christ, and because of the work He has done in and for her. Ask that she would begin to walk in boldness and confidence in the unique ways God has created her and gifted her, that she would live her life with bold colors and grace.

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