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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 20)

The Kenya Haven Retreat ends today. Pray for the women as they spend one last morning together listening, worshipping, and sharing one final time in their connecting groups. Ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit to be heavy and to make holy every space the women will gather. Pray that there would be continued moments of breakthrough, joy, and peace as the women wrap up their time.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they spend one last morning with the women attending. Pray for energy, rest, and a spirit of compassion and gentleness with one another. Ask that each of these women would continue to lean in towards the voice of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to fill their mouths with words of truth, encouragement, and love, to speak with boldness and power. Pray for the Connection Crew as they rest and debrief together, that there will be space for vulnerability, tiredness to be held with kindness, and for eyes to see where and how God moved in power, for the glory to be given to Him again and again.

Pray for the women who attended as they head back to their families, jobs, ministries, and lives. Pray for protection as they travel, for a covering of peace and hope to be carried with them as they return to the regular routines and responsibilities of life. Ask that the things God revealed to them, the things He removed and lifted, the truths He whispered over and over, to be solidified in each one in the name of Jesus. Pray for each woman to have courage and boldness as she steps back into regular life, to hold on to the things Jesus gave her, and to walk with confidence in the path she’s on. Pray for God’s glory to be revealed again and again as truth is given space to come to the light.

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