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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 19)

Pray for the Retreat in its second full day, for the foundation that has been laid the previous two days to be built upon today; for the healing, truth, freedom, and breaking of chains that God is longing to do in the hearts and lives of the women. Pray for a sense of the power of the Light of Jesus, as darkness is broken when the name of Jesus is proclaimed, that there would be tangible evidence of Light ruling over darkness.

Pray for protection over each woman, over every conversation, every interaction. Pray that as the Holy Spirit moves in power and authority, that each woman present will know with assurance that nothing can come against her as Jesus stands guard over her and that the work He is doing in her is good and holy, that evil has no ground to stand on. Pray for good brokenness as God invites each woman onto holy ground and into the sacred and secret places He has prepared for each one.

Pray for A and the feelings of anxiety she has had, for God to speak peace over her mind and heart. Ask for her to have boldness to speak her truth to trusted friends and supporters to ask for help; pray for protection over her from any thoughts and feelings of guilt or shame or anything that is not of the Lord. Pray for hope and joy to be rooted in her heart and mind, and for her to continually bring the things weighing her down to the safety of Jesus.

Pray for L for breakthroughs in specific areas of her marriage. Ask for good counsel and support for both her and her husband individually and as a couple; that they would each be willing to put in the work needed to get whole and healthy. Pray for an increase in wisdom and discernment as they seek the Lord and trust His leading, for their ears to be sensitive to His voice and for trust and faith to follow where He leads. Pray for grace and truth to be evident and present.

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