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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 17)

The Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the Connection Crew as they gather to pray over the next few days, that there would be a continued sense of unity and anticipation for what God is going to do. Pray for the women as they begin arriving, that as soon as they step foot into the Haven space they would be greeted not only with love and welcome but would sense the Holy Spirit inviting them into something deeper and more refreshing than expected. Pray that the atmosphere where the women gather will be holy and heavy with the presence of the Lord.

Pray for the first session the women will spend together in worship, teaching, and discussion; ask that at each table there would be a feeling of safety and comfort, to be honest, and vulnerable with one another. Pray that the time of worship and prayer would be covered in power, truth, and boldness.

Pray for S as she has recently launched her ministry and is looking for people to partner with her - in prayer, support, and hands-on. Ask for her to see how faithful God is to raise up people to come alongside her and partner as God leads. Pray for her to continue to trust that she is where God has led her and that she is doing the work she has been gifted for.

Pray for L to make time and find places to quiet her heart and mind and sit in the Lord’s presence. Pray that she would learn to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit and listen as He speaks life and truth to her, as He reminds her of who she is in Him and what He is able to do. Ask that she would walk in confidence as He speaks to her the “what next” in her life, ministry and relationships.

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