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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 16)

Pray for the Connection Crew as they pull together the final details and finishing touches on the retreat preparations; pray for all the time they spend together to be full of life, hope and authenticity. Pray for Mary Jane and Patti as they lead the team in giving pedicures during the retreat; ask God to fill their hearts and minds with sensitivity and the focus to be present with each woman they interact with.

Pray for each woman who attends a counseling session, asks for prayer, gets a massage or pedicure, or participates in the Hub/Creation Station, that each one will feel loved, encouraged and will encounter Jesus as she is ministered to by the Connection Crew. Pray that every conversation and interaction will be filled with grace, truth, and hope, that the Holy Spirit will pour out in abundance what each woman needs.

Pray for J, for God to give complete healing to her back and neck, for the pain to subside, for His hand of healing to bring all of the muscles, nerves, and bones into alignment by the power of Jesus’ name. Pray that she will continue to wait in faith, with patience and expectation for God to reveal His work in her life and her body, that she would desire God to be glorified through her and through her story.

Pray for J and her family as they adjust to having a student-teacher and Jeanelle’s 13yo niece live with them. Ask that as everyone continues to adjust to new rhythms and routines that there would be grace, kindness, and lots of laughter. Pray for protection over the family, and for unity, and for their house to be a place of safety and shelter for all who enter in.

Pray for T and her family as they are their own agency, for endurance and strength as they move forward with their ministry. Ask for clarity and wisdom as they make decisions and interact with the community they’ve chosen. Pray for God to bring new people into their lives who will support them and be solid and wise sounding boards as they make their way. Pray that they would keep Christ as the focus of their ministry and family, and would make time to be still and quiet and listen to His voice to fully follow where He leads.

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