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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 15)

Pray for the Connection Crew as they continue to team build and spend time with one another, that there would be a spirit of unity, friendship, and support among this particular group of women. Pray for Beth as she looks ahead to spending time with the women attending and meeting them specifically through the gift of healing prayer; pray that she would have an increase of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and would speak only the words given to her by God. Pray for Patricia, Kelly, and Jenna as they offer their gifts of massage in the days to come, that God would strengthen their hands and open their ears to hear and be present with each woman they interact with.

Pray for K and her husband as they wait on his work visa to be granted, that this season of waiting would be filled with calm and trust. Ask that the work of their hands would be fruitful and they would see God moving in power and truth in their community and in the relationships they are building. Pray for provision and joy as they walk the path that God has set before them.

Pray for J to have continued wisdom and discernment in her position of leadership. Pray for her to choose to trust the Lord and look to Him to be her strength and her leading. Ask for a spirit of gentleness, humility, and a teachable heart that is willing to learn even as she leads. Ask God to give her joy and fulfill the desires of her heart in wild and unexpected and perfect ways, especially those she has set aside and given up hope on.

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