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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 13)

Pray for our Connection Crew as they begin the journey to get to Kenya. Pray for smooth flights and connections, rest, and a covering of peace and anticipation over each one. Pray that God would bring this team together and there would be a deep sense of unity, kindness, and joy.

Pray for S to feel the peace of God cover her completely; for the things she’s wrestling with and carrying to be lifted from her and as the weight is lifted she would recognize Jesus’ invitation to come and rest. Ask for God to put a wall of protection around her, to give her undistracted space and time to rest and reconnect with Him and with herself.

Pray for A as she has a deep, Christ-given desire for the ministry of racial reconciliation built through the relationships with those she has around her. Ask for provision, grace, and protection over her as she speaks the truth in love, lives a life of grace, and walks in boldness. Pray that she would see God’s hand on her life and ministry and would see the fruit of her faithfulness and obedience in the lives of those around her.

Pray for L as she balances life, work, ministry, and the many other things that demand her time and attention. Pray that this Haven Retreat would be a safe place for her to step away from all of the responsibilities in her life and she would feel free to sit and breathe deeply of the Lord’s presence; that all of the things that seem to bind her so tightly that she can’t breathe would be loosened and lifted from her. Ask for this time to be a reset mentally and emotionally, that she would be given tools to take care of herself and set healthy boundaries, that there would be freedom in caring for herself.

Pray for P and her family as they are transitioning to living in a village and are waiting on their house; ask that as they make do in a small space there would be an abundance of kindness and grace towards one another, and fun and laughter in the process as they go through this season together. Pray for a solid trust and faith in God and in His provision for their monthly financial needs, that they would remember that He sees them and will provide their daily bread without fail.

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