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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 12)

Pray for J as she desires to relocate her ministry back to SE Asia. Ask that she would trust the Lord’s leading and follow Him even as things may not go according to her plan, that she would desire to have a soft and open heart to what He desires not only for her ministry but for her. Pray that God would be abundant in His provision and would be the voice of truth and leading that she would turn her ears towards.

Pray for B and the relationships on her team, that there would be grace, kindness, compassion, and understanding as they work together and have different viewpoints and opinions. Pray for a sense of unity, authenticity, and a spirit of joy and fun among this particular team. Ask that as they work together they would encourage and inspire a new season of leadership to rise up from the national church. Pray that this time she has the Retreat would be fulfilling and restful.

Pray for R as she looks forward to building relationships and friendships with like-minded women, both at the Haven Retreat and in her daily life, interactions, and ministry. Ask for a spirit of gentleness and a soft heart to receive well from those around her, as she also longs to improve her relationships with the women she serves with. Pray for good and holy friendships to come her way, and for her to learn to be brave and vulnerable as she invests in these relationships.

Pray for S as she is in the midst of ongoing transition, adjustment, and upheaval in her life and ministry due to family matters and COVID both in Uganda and the U.S. Ask for grace for her and her family as she and her husband continue to teach their children at home because of ongoing school closures, that their family would be kind to one another and would not set unnecessary pressure on themselves for things to look a certain way as they navigate what their daily lives look like. Pray for a sacred space to be waiting for her at the Haven Retreat, a place that God has set aside for her to rest in His presence, to put her feet in the water of life, and to know peace and renewal.

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