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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 11)

Pray for the hotel staff, drivers, and others that will come in contact with the women at this Haven Retreat, that they will witness the love and grace of Jesus and experience His presence as the women interact with one another and with those around them; pray that there will be a spirit of kindness, love, compassion, and boldness among the women gathered together, that will be seen and heard by those who may not yet know the Lord.

Pray for D to remember how loved she is. Ask for truth to settle in her heart and mind once again, that for the things she has heard or told herself about her worthiness that is not truth would be wiped away in the name of Jesus, and the truth of who she is in Him would remain. Pray for protection over her heart and mind as she looks to the Lord to be her confidence, her hope, and her joy.

Pray for S and her husband as they readjust to life back in Tanzania after an 18 month stay in the U.S. Pray for peace and grace as they transition not only culturally but also to the changes in their team. Pray for grace over her body, as they have struggled with infertility and suffered a miscarriage before returning to Tanzania; ask for comfort and compassion to be poured out in great measure over both of them as they grieve and look ahead to what is next. Ask God to fulfill the desires of their hearts for their family.

Pray for J and complete healing over a rotator cuff injury she has been living with for over a year. Ask God to give her stamina and patience as she goes through physical therapy and works to get back full and painless use of her arm/shoulder. Pray that she would see God’s over her in this season, that she would be able to see the good and glory in the midst of the pain and injury.

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