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Azmera KENYA Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (February 10)

Pray for the spaces and rooms that will be used during this Retreat, that God will put a hedge of protection around each room, that His presence will settle heavy and the light of glory will be seen and felt. Pray against any spirits of distraction or darkness, that there will be no room for anything but the presence of God.

Pray for T as she grieves the loss of her husband of 21 years, that she will know the divine comfort and presence of the Lord, especially in the moments and spaces where his absence is more profound and felt more deeply. Pray that she will be present with her sons as they grieve in their own ways, that she will have wisdom and give grace in abundance as they grieve and grow together individually and separately. Ask for a continued outpouring of love and support in practical ways for her family.

Pray for L for provision to attend the Haven Retreat. Ask that she trust God to provide completely and to be abundant and right on time with His provision. Pray that He would be preparing a place for her to encounter Him and to know His presence like she’s never experienced before.

Pray for S as she’s been in a season of trusting God for big things for her and the ministries and projects she’s taken on to feeling like she has no room for trust anymore. Pray that God would reveal to her the ways He has provided, where He has been working, and how her partnership with and trust in Him has been significant. Ask that she would continue to come to Jesus and ask Him to carry for her what feels too heavy and what she’s too weary of carrying, that she would know He is good and faithful and sometimes the trust He invites us to is simply to sit down and rest.

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