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Azmera ISRAEL Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (October 31-November 6)

Monday, October 31

The Israel Haven Retreat ends today! Pray for Rosslyn, Ann, Patti, and Alberta as they serve the women for one last day, that they would have the energy and focus they need for the last of their time together. Ask that they would be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He continues to lead them and call them out into areas of obedience and trust, that they would speak with tongues of gentleness and love, and that their words and actions would be filled with grace and truth as they give of themselves. Pray they would be filled to the fullness with the goodness of God as they themselves worship Him and encounter Him in ways they haven’t experienced in a long time. Pray that God would pour out His blessing and abundance over each one.

Pray for the final hours of this retreat; for the last times of teaching, worship, sharing, and connection that will happen at each table to be full of truth, encouragement, and light. Ask that as the women prepare to return to their homes and families and places of ministry that they would step into the invitation of God to be still and silent with Him for a few more minutes, to trust that what is waiting for them can wait just a moment longer. Pray that the presence and peace of the Holy Spirit will surround and fill every space, every conversation, and every moment these women have together.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they rest after the full week they’ve had, that they would each find space and time to process the things they witnessed and were a part of, and would return to God the things they’ve been holding for the women they ministered to. Ask that they would continue to connect with one another and be safe landing places as they debrief and go over their time together. Pray for sweet moments of worship and vulnerability as they spend time with the Lord and one another.

Pray for N as she continues to trust God to be her provision, to know that He will provide what she needs as the need arises. Ask that she would know His hand and presence of protection over and around her every step she takes, from walking in her home to visiting friends to the daily errands and activities of life, that she will not be in doubt of God with her. Pray that she will move in grace and compassion and will ask for eyes to see those around her through the lens of the love of God.

Tuesday, November 1

Pray for C and her faith that God will lead her to the places He has set before her and will provide residency and resources to go where He leads. Pray for her as she walks in new areas of trust and faith as she looks to God to lead and provide what she needs. Ask that she would be confident in her decisions as she trusts God to be with her.

Pray for J as she renews her walk with God and learns who He is to her in this season of life, to return with trust to a heart that worships God with freedom and boldness. Pray that as she worships God, as she spends time in conversation and prayer with Him that she will know His presence with her in powerful and holy ways, that her spirit and flesh will cry out to Him and know His voice and presence in return. Ask that she would know God’s blessing and hand over her in every conversation, situation, and relationship.

Pray for A to trust God as He leads her on the path she is on, and that she would have peace as He goes before her and prepares the way for what He has in store for her. Ask for her to be filled with hope and expectation to see where God will show up next as she walks in trust with Him.

Pray for J as she returns home after spending time at this Haven Retreat, that she will be going back with a full and rested heart, body, soul, and mind. Ask that the things she learned, was reminded of, and for the holy conversations she had to be embedded in her heart and mind, for the truths that were spoken over her to be held closely in her heart. Pray for her to know God’s protection over her and presence with her always.

Wednesday, November 2

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin their journey home, that as they return home they would be able to rest on the flights and begin to transition their hearts and mind from this season of ministry to looking at getting back to their families, jobs and what is waiting for them at home. Pray for protection and peace as the travel.

Pray for L as she works with elementary and middle school-age kids, for patience, creativity, and enthusiasm to be with them where they are. Ask that she would have wisdom, discernment, and understanding as she connects with the kids in this challenging stage of life, that she would be compassionate and kind and would show the love of Jesus in practical ways. Pray that she would make time for herself to rest and be renewed in quiet spaces with the Lord.

Pray for D and her family as they trust God to provide not only a good living situation but for the needs that come with each day. Pray they would take heart and trust as they look to God to be their provision and joy, for trust and peace as they wait on Him. Ask that their home would be filled with laughter and light and for peace and kindness to fill every room.

Pray for J and her family as they look to God to continue to lead them as they transition to a new season of life. Ask that they would be still and listen to His voice, and make decisions in trust and confidence. Pray they would each be filled with hope and anticipation for what is yet to come, as they walk in obedience and faith with the Lord.

Thursday, November 3

Pray for J as she longs for rest, for a respite against the weariness of life. Pray that she would accept the Lord’s ongoing invitation to step into His presence and find rest for her soul, that she would trust Him to give the rest and renewal her heart and spirit are crying out for. Ask that as she steps back from the busyness of the day-to-day, she would know the fullness and abundance of life and joy that God has for her.

Pray for E and her husband and his family, as they have been directly affected by the war in Ukraine. Pray for protection and peace over his brothers and family that remain in Ukraine, for them to know God in powerful and holy ways; pray for her and her family as they do what they can to support one another as best as they can. Ask that God would move mountains to end the conflicts and bring about peace and glory in His name.

Pray for S and her family as they readjust to being back after having a sweet time of furlough. Pray for a smooth transition and for a fresh perspective on their lives and ministry as they jump back into things and pick up where they left off. Ask for grace and kindness as they find their footing again, and for new opportunities to step into.

Pray for M as she desires to know deeper what God desires of her and her life. Pray that she would be intentional in making time to spend with Him, to listen to His voice, to trust Him as He speaks to her. Ask for her to see the areas God is inviting her into, as He reflects Himself in her because she is choosing to follow Him. Pray that she would see His hand of guidance in her life and through her ministry and relationships with those around her.

Friday, November 4

Pray for A and her family as they continue to trust God to bring the right people alongside them to support them and their ministry, that they will grow in faith as they walk in trust of God’s perfect provision. Ask for friendships to be built and strengthened with those who are financially supporting them.

Pray for E as she mothers her sons, for her to be present and aware of their needs on a daily basis, and for wisdom and discernment with them as they grow and learn who they are. Pray for them as they go to Hebrew school, that they would know God’s presence and protection over them as they learn the language and the culture of the places they are living. Pray for grace and life over this family.

Pray for K as she adjusts to being back in Israel after spending time in the US, for her to see God’s hand and provision over her through the recent travels and transitions. Ask that as she leaves the Haven Retreat, she will walk away encouraged and knowing God in different ways through her encounters with Him, for the truth and love He spoke over her to stay rooted within her for the next seasons to come.

Saturday, November 5

Pray for H and her family as they experience life in another country together while still maintaining the balance of family life and growth. Pray for her children as they lead them and teach them who God is by word and deed, that her children will walk with God for themselves and will know Him to be kind and good to them. Ask for their home to be filled with truth, honesty, and authenticity, that each member of their family - and those who spend time in their home - would know that it is a safe place, to be honest and vulnerable, that Jesus resides where they are.

Pray for J, for her health and concerns that have risen recently, that God would provide the right medical team and care for her, for wisdom and discernment as they figure out the best path towards healing and wholeness for her. Ask that she would walk in peace and trust with Jesus, knowing He is with her and for her. Pray for her son who has special needs, for a good neurologist to come into their lives to help them with the needs of their son.

Pray for H to be reminded that she never walks alone, that God is for her and with her, and longs to lavish her with His goodness. Ask that she would listen intently to His voice, and would trust and believe Him as He speaks truth over her of who she is; pray she would step out in boldness and confidence as she chooses to continue to walk with the Lord.

Pray for L and her ministry through music, that she would continue to worship God with a whole heart, regardless of who is listening. Ask that she would trust God to use her words and voice and the musical gifts He has given her to glorify His name and make His kingdom on earth known. Pray for her to know such light and joy as she gives of herself through this ministry, that she would know with confidence how much she is loved and delighted in by her Father in heaven.

Sunday, November 6

Pray for Azmera as they look ahead to the Haven Retreats yet to come, and as they continue to look to the Lord for direction and leading of this organization and ministry. Pray for God to continue to make a way for this organization to reach women and families across the world, and for His hand of provision to be visible. Pray for Christina as she leads, that she would be sensitive to the Lord’s voice and would continue to make time to sit quietly in His presence and allow Him to speak over her and over this organization. Pray that she would be obedient in following as He leads and that she would continue to give this ministry to Him for His glory alone. Ask that she would be humble and would be given the wisdom needed as she trusts God with the gifts He has given her. Pray for the Board of Directors as they come alongside Christina and this ministry, that they would be open to the Lord’s leading and would be united in their desire to see God’s kingdom come through Azmera. Pray for boldness, for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s voice, and for the times they meet to be filled with truth, authenticity, and an increase in awareness of the presence of Jesus with them.

Thank you! To each one of you who has prayed with us over the past four weeks; your faithful presence through prayer makes a difference and we are so grateful for the time you’ve given to partner with us in this way. We look forward to the next season God has for this ministry and we are thankful for your willingness to come alongside us in such a unique way.

Now for you - May you know the presence of God with you and for you this week, and in this next season of life. May you walk towards wholeness and wholeheartedness as you choose to walk with God, knowing that you are one of His most beloved and precious children. May you come to Him fully and boldly with your worship, with your prayers, with your doubts, with your faith, with every thought and feeling, and as you do so may you know that you are safe and welcomed into His presence and so very dearly loved. May you be given eyes to see the world around you through the lens of Jesus - to see those you interact with, with love, compassion, grace, and kindness. May you know the power of the Holy Spirit within you as you speak words of truth in love, as you walk through your day may you be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus to those you encounter. May you do justice, may you love mercy, and may you walk humbly with your God.

- suzanna

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