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Azmera ISRAEL Haven Retreat 2022 | Prayer Calendar (October 24-30)

Good morning, Friends!

We hope you are well and rested for what this week holds - for the knowns and unknowns. This week we look ahead to our Israel Haven Retreat, which starts on Friday. We would love to invite you to continue praying with us over this retreat, the women who will be attending, and the women who will be serving on the Connection Crew. It is our honor to host these retreats, but we recognize they would not be what they are without the prayers prayed over each woman and moment, so thank you for the time you give to come alongside us and them in tangible ways! May you know the power and presence of God with you this week as you spend time with Jesus in prayer; may you recognize His voice and follow Him as He leads your prayers; may you encounter Him in unexpected ways as you sit in His presence; and may you be reminded how great His love for you is.

Monday, October 24

Pray for the Israel Connection Crew as they begin their journey to Israel. Pray for safety, rest, and for smooth travel and connecting flights/transportation. Pray for the women who will be leaving Romania to be a part of the Israel Connection Crew, that they would be given grace and rest as they transition their hearts and minds from one Haven Retreat to the next. Ask that they would make space to spend time with the Lord and allow His spirit to minister to them and fill them anew for the days ahead.

Pray for S as she balances serving her team, family, and church while also going to school full-time. Ask that she would give herself grace to rest and to feel peace in saying “no” when she has reached her limit; pray that she would have the wisdom and discernment to not spread herself too thin, but to give herself and her time to the things that bring life excitement to her soul.

Pray for L as she continues to ask God for direction and provision for her future in ministry, location, and life. Pray that she will be encouraged, be given new hope and faith, and will encounter Jesus at this retreat unexpectedly and perfectly for her. Ask that she would know peace and confidence in the decisions she makes, that she will move in grace and trust.

Tuesday, October 25

Pray for N to see with clarity where and how God provides for her, how He loves her, and desires to give her good things. Ask that the time she spends at this retreat will be life-giving and will remind her of God’s presence with her as she serves those around her. Pray that she will be encouraged and filled to the fullness with the Spirit and power of God.

Pray for E and her husband as they look to the Lord for continued guidance and leading as they make decisions about their future. Pray that they would be united in heart and mind as they look ahead to what is next, and would speak to one another with honesty and grace. Ask for God to pour out faith, provision, and desire in abundance as they walk in faith and trust.

Pray for N as she comes to this retreat for a place to rest and refresh, that she would allow God to soften her heart for the things He has in store for her. Ask for ears and eyes to be open to His goodness and presence with her, that she would trust Him with the things she is guarding in her heart, for truth and peace to pour over her in greater measure.

Wednesday, October 26

Pray for the Connection Crew as they get to know one another, as they adjust to a new location and time zone, and as they build trust and relationships with one another as a new team. Pray for the spaces they occupy to be filled with the presence and power and protection of the Holy Spirit; for the holy and sanctified work and words that will take place in these areas to be set in motion and held in the hands of God. Pray for rest and renewal each night, for the energy to be restored each day as these women prepare to give of themselves in different ways.

Pray for P as she meets and spends time with people in her life, especially those who do not know the Lord; ask for wisdom in her conversations and interactions, that she would be attentive to the leading and voice of the Holy Spirit, that she would trust Him to be at work through her. Pray that she would be authentic and vulnerable in her relationships and conversations, that she would see through a lens of love and grace and not through the view of “believer” or “non-believer,” but simply as people that Jesus loves too.

Pray for E and her husband as they raise teenagers and balance family life with continued opportunities for ministry around them; pray for wisdom, kindness, and laughter to fill their home, for understanding and grace with one another as they face the challenges of living with teenagers. Ask for them to make time for their marriage, to connect with one another, and to be intentional about making time for one another beyond the surface busyness of everyday life. Pray for protection over their marriage and hearts.

Pray for P’s daughter as she serves in the army, for safety and protection. Ask that P would continually trust God with her daughter, and would be able to see how He is at work in both of their lives. Pray for her to be present with those in her life and not be constantly focused on things in the past or the what-ifs of the future, but for an awareness of how God is moving in her life in these moments.

Thursday, October 27

Pray for the hotel staff and workers that will encounter the women at this Azmera retreat. Pray for God’s glory to be revealed and His goodness and presence to be known and felt among those indirectly involved in this retreat. Pray for those who have wondered about Him or have wandered away from Him to see Him and to turn their faces towards Him. Pray against every distraction and doubt that would attempt to deter God from being known.

Pray for C as she is away from her father, who is in the middle of heavy health issues; pray that as she walks through this season with her family at a distance that she would not feel disconnected or left out, but that she would learn how to be present and available in different ways. Pray for healing and health over her father’s body, that God would bring healing over every cell and nerve and muscle as He brings things into alignment. Ask for her to trust in God and His goodness and love for her and for her family.

Pray for S as she seeks direction on the next season of ministry and what it will look like in reality. Ask that as she spends time with God that she will make time to be still and quiet and to listen to the Lord’s voice as He speaks truth and leads to her. Pray that she will listen intently and walk in obedience, faith, hope, and anticipation for what is yet to come.

Friday, October 28

The Israel Haven Retreat begins today! Pray for the women as they arrive and settle in for the next few days, that they would feel the welcome and loving embrace of Jesus as they step over the threshold, that they would know they have arrived in a safe place and can release their breath and set down the weights and burdens they’ve been carrying. Pray for the Connection Crew as they welcome the women in, that they would be alert to the voice and movement of the Holy Spirit and would speak and move in grace and obedience. Pray that this first day together would be filled with as much laughter and joy as there will be softening of hearts and the holy power of the Holy Spirit as healing and truth are spoken.

Pray for Christina and Kari as they oversee the details and big picture of this retreat. Pray for both of these women to enter this time rested and willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus over the next few days, to both the women attending and the women on the Connection Crew. Pray for grace and compassion for themselves and one another as unexpected situations and things will arise out of their control. Ask that they would make time to encounter Jesus and know His voice of healing and love over them even as they give of themselves to others.

Pray for Peg and Debi as they give of their gifts of teaching and leading others in worship, that their hearts' desire will continue to be to see the Lord glorified and His name lifted high above in worship. Pray for Peg to be attentive to the voice of the Lord as she shares His word and His heart with the women, that she will walk in obedience and grace; ask that she would be reminded of how she reflects Jesus in she chooses Him and desires to walk in truth and Light. Pray for Debi as she leads worship through music, that as she steps forward to invite the women into the presence of the Lord that all around her will fade away as she worships God and gives Him praise, gratitude, and the adoration in her heart. Ask that she would allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide her as she leads the women, that the ground she stands on would be holy, that she would be obedient to the things He asks of her this weekend; pray that she would be ministered to and encouraged as she interacts with those around her.

Saturday, October 29

Pray for the Haven Retreat as the first full day takes place, for words of truth and hope to be spoken and heard, for the things shared at the tables to be held with tenderness and grace, for the Spirit of the Lord to be made known again and again, in power and holiness. Pray for the women to feel and know how loved they are, that that knowledge would give them courage to speak and act and ask in boldness and faith; ask that they would hear God’s voice inviting them to holy places and for them to see God in fresh ways as He meets with them. Pray for friendships to be built as there are shared moments of tenderness but also of laughter and light, for joy and happiness to be felt.

Pray for Christy, Amie Beth, Heather, and Sue as they give of themselves in service this weekend through prayer, pedicures, workshops and simply being present. Ask that each one of these women will walk in boldness and trust as she listens to God’s voice and moves accordingly. Pray for rest and energy each day as they give endlessly of their hearts and time, that they will see not only how God is moving in the lives and hearts of the women attending, but will see God at work in their own hearts and lives. Pray for trust and belief to increase as they see God answer prayers and are reminded that they are precious to Him, that they are seen, heard, and known by Him.

Sunday, October 30

Pray for the second full day of the Haven Retreat, for the things that God has in store to be made known, and for darkness to have no power or presence over the women and spaces that are used. Pray that God will protect the conversations, encounters, and things that happen today; ask that He will be so tangibly present to each woman today as they spend time in teaching, worship, connection, and the activities of the afternoon and evening that they will stand in awe of His glory and goodness. Pray for the presence of the Lord to be heavy with holiness and Light in each room the women gather.

Pray for Beth, Dina, Chris, and Brenda as they give their time and hearts through the gifts and abilities the Lord has given them. Pray they would act and speak in boldness and truth as they are present with the women and as they remind the women of the love God has for each of them. Ask that as they minister through counseling, prayer, and pedicures they will see God at work and they will know His voice as He leads them. Pray for an increase in sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit as they set themselves aside and enter more fully into being the hands and feet and voice of Jesus; pray for joy and excitement as their faith is built as they see God answer prayers and move in power and holiness. Ask that each of these women will be able to rest well and not be burdened by anything they hear and hold for this time.

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