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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 9)

A - Pray for her as she is in a new season of parenting, that she would trust herself as she navigates the new set of challenges and victories with her kids. Ask for wisdom for her as she looks to manage anxiety and the worry and fear that often come with anxiety; pray for peace and protection over her mind, that she would see Jesus all around her and hold on to Him, trusting Him to be her Light and the calm in the storms that can rage in her heart and mind. Pray for healing in the name of Jesus over the anxiety she is carrying.

N - Pray for her and her family and their church, as they continue to deal with the effects of not only being in a red zone for COVID-19, but in dealing with local politics and community that has been against their church. Ask for peace, for her to step outside of the stress and unknown and oppression that is around her. Pray that she would trust God boldly and walk in the truth wherever she goes, that she would know the gospel is power even without words. Pray that she would begin to see the glory of God revealed in her community and among her neighbors.

M - Pray for her and her family as they begin looking ahead towards and planning for a sabbatical next year, and the many logistics and details that need to be in place to not only move back to the States but also to leave their ministry behind for a season. Ask for life-giving and fulfilling time with the people they work with over the next few months, as they all prepare for this next transition. Pray that she would make time to step back and rest, to allow her heart and mind and body time to be still and process the things happening, as well as just to be still with her Savior.

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