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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 8)

M - Pray for her as she continues to seek rest, renewal and continued healing from the past year. Ask for wisdom in relationships and the things she is giving her time to, that what she does would be encouraging and life-giving not only for her but for those around her. Pray for a new season of depth and intimacy with the Lord, that as she seeks Him and desires to put Him first she would see where and how He is with her and meeting her right where she is.

A - Pray for encouragement and renewal of heart and mind as ministry and ways of connecting with people continue to evolve as the pandemic continues on. Ask for creativity and freedom to experiment and try new things within the confines of ongoing restrictions and the new challenges the pandemic continue to bring. Pray that she would be encouraged and would see God at work.

N - Pray for her as she transitions locations from Europe to the Middle East, in the midst of a pandemic and closing one chapter of ministry and relationships at the same time as opening a new one, and keeping up with work on top of everything. Ask that God will continue to show her the path He has set before her, and that she will see the spaces that He is providing for her to stop and rest and allow her heart, spirit and mind to be renewed and restored. Pray for this season to be full of light, hope and the goodness of God.

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