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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 7-13)

Hello, again! Fall 2021 finds us not quite having back-to-back retreats, but the Cyprus Haven Retreat is chasing the Stateside Summit pretty closely! We would love to invite you to continue praying for the ministry of Azmera, the women serving and the women who will be attending the Haven Retreat in Cyprus, October 14 - 17. Thank you for your willingness to set aside time each week to pray with us for the women God has invited us to come alongside; please remember to use this as a guide and allow the Holy Spirit to lead your prayers as you step into your prayer spaces. We look forward to seeing and hearing how God will work through this time!

Thursday, October 7

L - Pray for her as she struggles to balance the many responsibilities she has, as she feels overwhelmed and depleted. Ask for wisdom and discernment in what areas she can step back from, where she needs to reset boundaries for her mental and emotional health, and for people to come alongside her to help carry the load and lighten the burdens. Pray for rest and renewal for her as a mother, wife, minister and friend; pray for clarity in asking for help and for wisdom in prioritizing relationships and responsibilities.

A - Pray for her as she recognizes the need for encouragement and confidence, that others will speak truth and love to and over her for her to hear and receive. Ask for her to see herself as Jesus sees her, and in that truth there would be power and boldness to walk in confidence as a beloved daughter who holds the power of the Holy Spirit within her. Pray for her kids and her relationship with each of them, that she would be a mother and woman who speaks and lives truth, who models kindness, compassion and grace to everyone she encounters, that her children would see Jesus in her.

B - Pray for her as she maintains a healthy work/life balance, that she will be comfortable and confident in giving out good “yeses” and “no’s,” that she will be true to herself and her relationships without feeling as though she has to give everything to everyone. Pray for good friendships and connections with those in her immediate community, that the time she spends with others will be life-giving, encouraging and refreshing. Ask for protection over her in her work, that she will go through each day with the assurance of Jesus’ presence with her in every task and conversation.

Friday, October 8

M - Pray for her as she continues to seek rest, renewal and continued healing from the past year. Ask for wisdom in relationships and the things she is giving her time to, that what she does would be encouraging and life-giving not only for her but for those around her. Pray for a new season of depth and intimacy with the Lord, that as she seeks Him and desires to put Him first she would see where and how He is with her and meeting her right where she is.

A - Pray for encouragement and renewal of heart and mind as ministry and ways of connecting with people continue to evolve as the pandemic continues on. Ask for creativity and freedom to experiment and try new things within the confines of ongoing restrictions and the new challenges the pandemic continue to bring. Pray that she would be encouraged and would see God at work.

N - Pray for her as she transitions locations from Europe to the Middle East, in the midst of a pandemic and closing one chapter of ministry and relationships at the same time as opening a new one, and keeping up with work on top of everything. Ask that God will continue to show her the path He has set before her, and that she will see the spaces that He is providing for her to stop and rest and allow her heart, spirit and mind to be renewed and restored. Pray for this season to be full of light, hope and the goodness of God.

Saturday, October 9

A - Pray for her as she is in a new season of parenting, that she would trust herself as she navigates the new set of challenges and victories with her kids. Ask for wisdom for her as she looks to manage anxiety and the worry and fear that often come with anxiety; pray for peace and protection over her mind, that she would see Jesus all around her and hold on to Him, trusting Him to be her Light and the calm in the storms that can rage in her heart and mind. Pray for healing in the name of Jesus over the anxiety she is carrying.

N- Pray for her and her family and their church, as they continue to deal with the effects of not only being in a red zone for COVID-19, but in dealing with local politics and community that has been against their church. Ask for peace, for her to step outside of the stress and unknown and oppression that is around her. Pray that she would trust God boldly and walk in the truth wherever she goes, that she would know the gospel is power even without words. Pray that she would begin to see the glory of God revealed in her community and among her neighbors.

M - Pray for her and her family as they begin looking ahead towards and planning for a sabbatical next year, and the many logistics and details that need to be in place to not only move back to the States but also to leave their ministry behind for a season. Ask for life-giving and fulfilling time with the people they work with over the next few months, as they all prepare for this next transition. Pray that she would make time to step back and rest, to allow her heart and mind and body time to be still and process the things happening, as well as just to be still with her Savior.

Sunday, October 10

Pray for the Connection Crew as they travel and connect with one another, that there would be safety over their journey, smooth connections, and rest for each of them. Pray that this team would be compassionate, gracious and kind with and towards one another, that there would be an abundance of joy, truth and laughter shared among them. Pray that as they minister and serve together, they would lay aside any agendas they may have, and would be intentional about leaning in, listening and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit.

L - Pray for her as she looks to return to France and is facing challenges with her visa; pray that she would see where God is with her in the midst of the move and the waiting, that she would not doubt that He is at work and that He is working good things for her. Ask for patience, clarity and wisdom as she is in this season, that her walk with God would be deepened and she would choose new levels of faith and trust as so much is out of her hands.

A - Pray for wisdom and discernment as she parents her children, and as she looks to meeting the educational needs and challenges of their kids to the best of her ability. Pray that she would be connected with a good community who can encourage, support and walk alongside her, as well as help her find resources and tools for her children. Pray for her to make time to step away from her daily routine to slip into the presence of God to rest, to know that she is worth time for herself to be in communion with her Creator.

A - Pray for things to work out smoothly for her attendance at the Haven Retreat, that she will be able to attend within the constraints of the pandemic, for details and any bumps in the road to not discourage her. Pray for her as there is a continual adjustment to ministry and relationships in the ever-changing world of COVID-19 restrictions and the challenges that come with it; pray for her heart and spirit to know peace above all things.

Monday, October 11

Pray for Christina as she leads this retreat, that she would be rested and refreshed coming off of the Stateside Summit, and be able to focus and be present at this Haven Retreat. Ask for an increase in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading, that she would walk and obey boldly as she is led.

Pray for Britta as she steps into the role of Retreat Manager, that she would be filled with wisdom, discernment and grace as she navigates the details and challenges that will arise. Pray for her to get good rest every night, and be refreshed to communicate, encourage and be present for the women she interacts with.

Pray for Joy as she prepares to lead worship and be available for Spiritual Direction. Pray for her to make time to spend with the Lord each day she is away, to be silent with Him and allow Him to speak truth, direction and courage over her. Ask for wisdom and discernment as she leads worship and creates space for women to connect with God through music; pray for the time she spends with women one-on-one, for her to be present and sensitive to the needs that are presented.

Tuesday, October 12

Pray for Becca as she comes to speak and share from the Word and from her heart, that her eyes and focus would be fixed on Jesus. Pray for a silence and quieting of any distractions or things that would draw her away from the Lord. Ask that there would be an increase in the awareness of the power of the Holy Spirit within her, that she would speak in boldness and courage words of Truth, Light and the love of Jesus.

Pray for Crystal as she steps into the role of leading Pilates & Prayer as well as spending time one-on-one giving Spiritual Direction. Pray that the spaces she uses and leads in would be covered in the protection of the Lord, and that the time spent with the women in both settings would be filled with laughter and happiness. Pray that every conversation she has will be filled with the tangible presence of Jesus, that those who leave her presence will do so feeling as though weight and heaviness has been lifted from their shoulders.

Pray for Kristi, Elis, Patti, Diane, Ann, Stela and Christine as they tangibly serve through giving pedicures and being available to fill in the gaps as the need arises. Thank God for their willingness to be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus as they love the women through conversation, prayer and physical touch. Pray for each one of these women to walk in boldness and courage as they sit and wait to see how and where God leads them.

Wednesday, October 13

Pray for Carrie as she gives her gifts of healing prayer and Fitness, that she would be available and filled with discernment with the women she interacts with. Pray that the expectations she carries with her would simply be to wait and see how Jesus is going to reveal Himself, and not just “overall” but for herself specifically. Pray that this time she is giving to be in Cyprus will be life-giving, unexpected and encouraging for her own walk with the Lord.

Pray for Karen, Betsy, and Melissa as they have set aside this time to serve through the gift and experience of one-on-one counseling. Pray that they as a counseling team will be united in spirit and thought as serve alongside one another. Ask that they would be filled with extra sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit and have an increase in discernment and wisdom for each woman they meet with. Pray for protection over each room that is used for counseling, that there would be no space for anything other than the presence of the Lord. Pray for Karen as she leads this team, that she will walk in confidence in her abilities and will speak with kindness and boldness as she is led.

Pray for Stacey as she spends time with the women giving haircuts and styles too; that the room she uses will be filled with light and laughter, that the conversations that take place will be full of hope and truth. Pray for Karen as she shares her gift of making jewelry, that as the women spend time working with their hands and being creative together, that there would be deep and honest conversation. Pray that the space that is used for this activity will be a safe space where truth and burdens can be shared and held tenderly and with honor.

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