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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 7)

Hello, again! Fall 2021 finds us not quite having back-to-back retreats, but the Cyprus Haven Retreat is chasing the Stateside Summit pretty closely! We would love to invite you to continue praying for the ministry of Azmera, the women serving and the women who will be attending the Haven Retreat in Cyprus, October 14 - 17. Thank you for your willingness to set aside time each week to pray with us for the women God has invited us to come alongside; please remember to use this as a guide and allow the Holy Spirit to lead your prayers as you step into your prayer spaces. We look forward to seeing and hearing how God will work through this time!

L - Pray for her as she struggles to balance the many responsibilities she has, as she feels overwhelmed and depleted. Ask for wisdom and discernment in what areas she can step back from, where she needs to reset boundaries for her mental and emotional health, and for people to come alongside her to help carry the load and lighten the burdens. Pray for rest and renewal for her as a mother, wife, minister and friend; pray for clarity in asking for help and for wisdom in prioritizing relationships and responsibilities.

A - Pray for her as she recognizes the need for encouragement and confidence, that others will speak truth and love to and over her for her to hear and receive. Ask for her to see herself as Jesus sees her, and in that truth there would be power and boldness to walk in confidence as a beloved daughter who holds the power of the Holy Spirit within her. Pray for her kids and her relationship with each of them, that she would be a mother and woman who speaks and lives truth, who models kindness, compassion and grace to everyone she encounters, that her children would see Jesus in her.

B - Pray for her as she maintains a healthy work/life balance, that she will be comfortable and confident in giving out good “yeses” and “no’s,” that she will be true to herself and her relationships without feeling as though she has to give everything to everyone. Pray for good friendships and connections with those in her immediate community, that the time she spends with others will be life-giving, encouraging and refreshing. Ask for protection over her in her work, that she will go through each day with the assurance of Jesus’ presence with her in every task and conversation.

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