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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 23)

N - Pray for healing over the pain in her right arm, that God will lay His hand on her and the pain will be gone in the name of Jesus. Ask that as she trusts Him with her healing she will see how and where He is at work around her and will be sensitive to Jesus’ leading in where she can join in the good work. Pray for support and community around her, that she will never feel alone or without.

L - Pray for inspiration in her life and ministry, for the things she sets her hands to work at would be filled with creativity and a divine leading from the Lord. Ask that she would walk in the boldness of the knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit, and would allow Him to lead her and give her the words to say when they need to be spoken. Pray for her heart and mind to be encouraged, challenged, and refreshed during her time at this Haven Retreat.

O - Pray for her to accept the invitation God is extending to step outside of the busyness of life and find a place to sit, rest and just be; a porch swing or someplace where she can sit back and rest completely. Ask for her to know that stillness and hands that are at rest are as pleasing to God and necessary for the work she is doing as is movement and work in her hands. Pray that she would see how much God has for her in the moments of quiet and peace, that He longs to speak peace and renewal over her; pray that she would enter His rest and know a new and different fullness of life in the still and quiet place He is setting aside for her.

P - Pray for her as her family is in a season of transition, as they adjust to new things and strive to parent their 18-month-old to the best of their ability. Pray for their home, their words, and actions to be filled with grace, kindness, and forgiveness. Ask for hope and clarity to see Jesus among them and to know the truth of His presence.

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