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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 21)

K - Pray for her as she homeschools her kids and carries the weight of a big year of education and exams, that she will give herself and her kids grace, that she would know that her and her kids’ best will look different every day. Ask for grace, kindness, and peace to cover the rooms they meet in, that they would understand and meet each other where they are at. Pray for healing and health over her heart and mind as she struggles with depression and anxiety, that she would claim again and again the Name and healing of Jesus over herself.

K - Pray that she would know that God loves her and is pleased with her, that He delights in her movements even when they may seem slow to her. Ask that she would know that He has created her to be steady and steadfast; pray that she would embrace how she has been created and as she steps more fully into who God has created her to be that she would walk in confidence and boldness that would change her countenance. Pray for joy and peace as she settles more fully into who she is, that those around would see Jesus in her actions, would hear Him in her words, and would experience Him through her touch.

C - Pray for wisdom and guidance as she and her husband seek the Lord’s direction and leading in ministry both now and for the future. Ask that they would be able to communicate clearly and kindly with one another, giving each other the space and time to share their thoughts and feelings and what they sense God speaking to them. Pray for protection over their marriage and relationship as they minister and serve together, as challenges and struggles will come their way, that they would keep God and one another as the priority of life.

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