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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 20)

G - Pray for her to be reminded of and hold steadfast to the truth that Jesus is with her; that He is by her side, holding her hand, and that His presence is not only comfort but peace, protection, and power. Ask that she would trust in His desire to be with her even when she feels like letting go of His hand, that His desire for her is for her to continue to choose Him, that He will remind her that He has chosen her and will always choose her. Pray for clarity, wisdom, and peace in this season of her life; for her to know that as chaotic as things may be Jesus will always be calm, steadfast, and present.

S - Will you pray Psalm 23 over her? Specifically verses 3-4. Pray that she would know that God is for her, that He will not only fight for her but will provide places of rest to restore her soul, that He will walk before, beside, and behind her to protect her and to fend off anything that would dare come against her. Pray for peace to cover her completely from head to toe, that she would walk in confidence and hope because her God and Father are with her.

E - Pray for her as she chooses a Bible school to attend, that she would listen to the Lord’s leading and trust Him to provide for her the things she’ll need as she moves into a new season of life. Ask for abundant provision, clarity, and peace as she walks in new areas physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Pray for good friends and community for her, and for her walk with God as she steps into new areas of learning about who He is in different ways.

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