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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 19)

A - Pray for wisdom and discernment for the ministries she is involved in, particularly those for kids and teens, as they seek to restart and readjust what things look like in the midst of Covid restrictions. Ask that God would show her where she needs to release and let go of things she may be holding on to that are no longer hers to care for, that she would trust Him to be faithful to her and to the things He has given her for a season. Pray that she would make time to rest and breathe deeply in God’s presence, that the air He gives her will be cool and refreshing and a call to the new things He has for her.

C - Pray for wisdom and guidance for her daughter as she is in her last year of High School, that there would be clarity and peace for how things are now and for them as they look ahead to what comes next. Pray for her as she desires to share the hope she holds with those around her, that she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and sensitive to those with whom she longs to share Jesus with; ask that she would love boldly and gently, and be in tune with those around her to the needs they have that she can tangibly meet.

T - Pray for her as she desires to love her four children well, as they are all in different stages and ages of life, that she would have the wisdom to come alongside each one right where they’re at. Ask for wisdom and knowledge as her youngest is moving out of the baby stage and she looks at where she wants to be in ministry, that she would look to the Lord for guidance and for light on the path He has for her. Pray that she would be confident to move at a pace that is comfortable to her and be able to lay aside the expectations of everyone but Jesus.

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