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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 18)

E - Pray for the peace of God to cover her completely and give her the confidence she desires in the relationships and situations she is in. Ask for clarity, hope, and a new vision as she looks a the present and future and makes decisions and choices, that she would do so with wisdom and walk in peace once the decisions are made. Pray that she will make time to step outside and rest, to know that as she chooses Jesus and communes with Him that He is rejoicing over and delighting in her.

A - Pray that she would find room to breathe, to inhale deeply of the Spirit of God and know rest for her heart, for her soul, and for her mind and strength. Pray that she would see God all around her - in the sitting and waiting; in the up and moving; in the silence, in the darkness, and in the joy. Ask that she would encounter God in ways she’s never known Him before, and that in those moments He would awaken her heart to a longing for more of Him, as she sees Him and knows the power of His presence and Word.

R - Pray for her and her husband as they are in a season of looking forward to and tentatively planning to have children. Ask that as they plan and dream that they will trust God to give them what they need as they need it, to know that He is good and has good for them. Pray for her mind and her body as she prepares to try to get pregnant, that God will protect her from thoughts and ideas that are not from Him, and for her body to work as He has created it.

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