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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 16)

Pray for the Breakout Sessions, pedicures, counseling and spiritual direction that will take place today. Pray for healing, words of life and encouragement to be spoken and heard, for God to break down what He has not built, and for the women who are receiving to do so with open hands, soft hearts, ears that would hear and minds that would believe the truth of who they are.

Pray for moments of rest for all of the women, that they would be aware of what they need and would be willing to step into spaces of rest and quiet as they need to. Pray for times of community and connection to be light and filled with joy, for the “lighter” spaces to be as refreshing and renewing as the moments of deep conversations and encounters with God.

Pray for joy and laughter as the women get to know one another and find things in common to connect and relate to one another in. Pray that the friendships that are formed during this time would be life-giving and will hold through the many seasons yet to come. Ask for each woman to create safe spaces for one another for authenticity and vulnerability to be welcomed.

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