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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 15)

Pray for the Haven Retreat as it is in its first full day; for the conversations, connections, and community that will be taking place. Pray for every woman to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, to know that He has made a way for her and is making space for her to step into safe places where He will be, where truth can be spoken and received, where weight and burdens can be released.

Pray for conversations to be full of life and light, for laughter to be abundant, for every woman to feel seen and loved. Ask for protection over the different breakout sessions, one-on-one sessions, and the Connection Hub, that those spaces will be seen as holy ground and for the atmosphere to be heavy with the presence of the Lord.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they are present and available to the women attending, that they would be aware of the needs as they arise and would be willing and bold to step into spaces that may be hard and heavy, trusting that Jesus is with them and will give them the knowledge of when to stay silent and when to speak.

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