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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 14-24)

Greetings! And welcome to this week’s prayer calendar. Thank you for being here, we are blessed and encouraged to have you as a part of this ministry and this retreat in particular. Someone commented to me recently that it was helpful to print this out and have a physical copy in hand - so I wanted to mention that here; please feel free to use this as best fits your prayer walk. And always the reminder to use this as a guide only, the Holy Spirit knows best what you need and who needs your prayers the most, so allow Him to lead you as you spend time with Him praying for our precious sisters. Be blessed this week!

Thursday, October 14

The Cyprus Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the women as they arrive, that as they step over the threshold of the hotel and are greeted by the Connection Crew, they would sense a tangible shift in the atmosphere, as they are stepping into holy places set aside just for them. Pray that each woman would experience a softening of her heart and an opening of her eyes, ears, and mind as she steps into holy places, that she would sense the invitation that Jesus is extending just to her.

Pray that the Connection Crew to be sensitive to the needs of each woman present, and would listen to where and who the Holy Spirit is leading them to interact with - whether that is through conversation, prayer, or simply presence.

Pray that the initial time spent together would be foundational for the next few days; for truth and authenticity to be at the forefront of conversations and spaces for sharing. Pray for the worship and speaking session to be filled with the presence of God, for all of the women to feel God’s invitation to step deeper into His presence and know rest. Pray a covering of protection over every meeting room and space used for this retreat, that all the ground would be sanctified and nothing outside of God’s will would be allowed in.

Friday, October 15

Pray for the Haven Retreat as it is in its first full day; for the conversations, connections, and community that will be taking place. Pray for every woman to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, to know that He has made a way for her and is making space for her to step into safe places where He will be, where truth can be spoken and received, where weight and burdens can be released.

Pray for conversations to be full of life and light, for laughter to be abundant, for every woman to feel seen and loved. Ask for protection over the different breakout sessions, one-on-one sessions, and the Connection Hub, that those spaces will be seen as holy ground and for the atmosphere to be heavy with the presence of the Lord.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they are present and available to the women attending, that they would be aware of the needs as they arise and would be willing and bold to step into spaces that may be hard and heavy, trusting that Jesus is with them and will give them the knowledge of when to stay silent and when to speak.

Saturday, October 16

Pray for the Breakout Sessions, pedicures, counseling and spiritual direction that will take place today. Pray for healing, words of life and encouragement to be spoken and heard, for God to break down what He has not built, and for the women who are receiving to do so with open hands, soft hearts, ears that would hear and minds that would believe the truth of who they are.

Pray for moments of rest for all of the women, that they would be aware of what they need and would be willing to step into spaces of rest and quiet as they need to. Pray for times of community and connection to be light and filled with joy, for the “lighter” spaces to be as refreshing and renewing as the moments of deep conversations and encounters with God.

Pray for joy and laughter as the women get to know one another and find things in common to connect and relate to one another in. Pray that the friendships that are formed during this time would be life-giving and will hold through the many seasons yet to come. Ask for each woman to create safe spaces for one another for authenticity and vulnerability to be welcomed.

Sunday, October 17

The Haven Retreat ends today. Pray for the women as they close up their time together, that the things from the Lord that were shared, spoken, and felt would be sealed within their hearts and minds through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the last sessions of speaking, worship, and connections in the small groups to be filled with joy, hope, and a final covering of rest and refreshment. Ask for a continued spirit of unity, humility, and delight among every woman present.

Pray the Hotel Staff as they witness this retreat coming to an end; for all those who’ve interacted with the women the past few days to be encouraged, loved on, and know the presence of Jesus in ways they have never experienced. Pray that they will see the women off having witnessed God at work, and would be drawn to Him in their own lives through the experience of being on the sidelines for this Haven Retreat.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they see the women off and have a chance to take a breath and rest. Ask that the time they spend alone and together would be fulfilling and life-giving as they process the things they saw, heard, and were a part of. Pray for there to be a continued heavy awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit as they debrief and share with one another. Pray for protection and rest over each one as they reflect on the past few days, that they would also have encountered the Lord in specific ways and would be drawn closer to Him.

Monday, October 18

E - Pray for the peace of God to cover her completely and give her the confidence she desires in the relationships and situations she is in. Ask for clarity, hope, and a new vision as she looks a the present and future and makes decisions and choices, that she would do so with wisdom and walk in peace once the decisions are made. Pray that she will make time to step outside and rest, to know that as she chooses Jesus and communes with Him that He is rejoicing over and delighting in her.

A - Pray that she would find room to breathe, to inhale deeply of the Spirit of God and know rest for her heart, for her soul, and for her mind and strength. Pray that she would see God all around her - in the sitting and waiting; in the up and moving; in the silence, in the darkness, and in the joy. Ask that she would encounter God in ways she’s never known Him before, and that in those moments He would awaken her heart to a longing for more of Him, as she sees Him and knows the power of His presence and Word.

R - Pray for her and her husband as they are in a season of looking forward to and tentatively planning to have children. Ask that as they plan and dream that they will trust God to give them what they need as they need it, to know that He is good and has good for them. Pray for her mind and her body as she prepares to try to get pregnant, that God will protect her from thoughts and ideas that are not from Him, and for her body to work as He has created it.

Tuesday, October 19

A - Pray for wisdom and discernment for the ministries she is involved in, particularly those for kids and teens, as they seek to restart and readjust what things look like in the midst of Covid restrictions. Ask that God would show her where she needs to release and let go of things she may be holding on to that are no longer hers to care for, that she would trust Him to be faithful to her and to the things He has given her for a season. Pray that she would make time to rest and breathe deeply in God’s presence, that the air He gives her will be cool and refreshing and a call to the new things He has for her.

C - Pray for wisdom and guidance for her daughter as she is in her last year of High School, that there would be clarity and peace for how things are now and for them as they look ahead to what comes next. Pray for her as she desires to share the hope she holds with those around her, that she would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and sensitive to those with whom she longs to share Jesus with; ask that she would love boldly and gently, and be in tune with those around her to the needs they have that she can tangibly meet.

T - Pray for her as she desires to love her four children well, as they are all in different stages and ages of life, that she would have the wisdom to come alongside each one right where they’re at. Ask for wisdom and knowledge as her youngest is moving out of the baby stage and she looks at where she wants to be in ministry, that she would look to the Lord for guidance and for light on the path He has for her. Pray that she would be confident to move at a pace that is comfortable to her and be able to lay aside the expectations of everyone but Jesus.

Wednesday, October 20

G - Pray for her to be reminded of and hold steadfast to the truth that Jesus is with her; that He is by her side, holding her hand, and that His presence is not only comfort but peace, protection, and power. Ask that she would trust in His desire to be with her even when she feels like letting go of His hand, that His desire for her is for her to continue to choose Him, that He will remind her that He has chosen her and will always choose her. Pray for clarity, wisdom, and peace in this season of her life; for her to know that as chaotic as things may be Jesus will always be calm, steadfast, and present.

S - Will you pray Psalm 23 over her? Specifically verses 3-4. Pray that she would know that God is for her, that He will not only fight for her but will provide places of rest to restore her soul, that He will walk before, beside, and behind her to protect her and to fend off anything that would dare come against her. Pray for peace to cover her completely from head to toe, that she would walk in confidence and hope because her God and Father are with her.

E - Pray for her as she chooses a Bible school to attend, that she would listen to the Lord’s leading and trust Him to provide for her the things she’ll need as she moves into a new season of life. Ask for abundant provision, clarity, and peace as she walks in new areas physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Pray for good friends and community for her, and for her walk with God as she steps into new areas of learning about who He is in different ways.

Thursday, October 21

K - Pray for her as she homeschools her kids and carries the weight of a big year of education and exams, that she will give herself and her kids grace, that she would know that her and her kids’ best will look different every day. Ask for grace, kindness, and peace to cover the rooms they meet in, that they would understand and meet each other where they are at. Pray for healing and health over her heart and mind as she struggles with depression and anxiety, that she would claim again and again the Name and healing of Jesus over herself.

K - Pray that she would know that God loves her and is pleased with her, that He delights in her movements even when they may seem slow to her. Ask that she would know that He has created her to be steady and steadfast; pray that she would embrace how she has been created and as she steps more fully into who God has created her to be that she would walk in confidence and boldness that would change her countenance. Pray for joy and peace as she settles more fully into who she is, that those around would see Jesus in her actions, would hear Him in her words, and would experience Him through her touch.

C - Pray for wisdom and guidance as she and her husband seek the Lord’s direction and leading in ministry both now and for the future. Ask that they would be able to communicate clearly and kindly with one another, giving each other the space and time to share their thoughts and feelings and what they sense God speaking to them. Pray for protection over their marriage and relationship as they minister and serve together, as challenges and struggles will come their way, that they would keep God and one another as the priority of life.

Friday, October 22

L - Pray for wisdom and discernment as they desire to serve the people they feel God has called them to, but deal with real-time war and politics that cause location difficulties. Pray they would see how God is always faithful to provide what they need as the need arises, and that they would choose to trust Him to know their needs. Ask for time and a place for them to be able to step away to as needed to rest their minds and hands and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to them, to be their peace and their portion.

L - Pray for her and her family as they continue to adjust to living in a new city and for their kids as they adjust to a new school. Pray for good friends for their whole family, for relationships, and for a community that will be authentic and a safe place for each of them. Pray for hope, joy, and comfort to be evident on the hard days, and for laughter, grace, and love to be abundant on the easier days.

L - Pray for her two-year-old daughter who has a heart condition, that God will be gracious incomplete healing in her body. Ask for patience, wisdom, and grace as she balances caring for her daughter with the pulls of ministry and relationships, that she will set good boundaries and walk-in confidence in them. Pray for hope and anticipation for what God is going to do to be abundant.

Saturday, October 23

N - Pray for healing over the pain in her right arm, that God will lay His hand on her and the pain will be gone in the name of Jesus. Ask that as she trusts Him with her healing she will see how and where He is at work around her and will be sensitive to Jesus’ leading in where she can join in the good work. Pray for support and community around her, that she will never feel alone or without.

L - Pray for inspiration in her life and ministry, for the things she sets her hands to work at would be filled with creativity and a divine leading from the Lord. Ask that she would walk in the boldness of the knowledge of the power of the Holy Spirit, and would allow Him to lead her and give her the words to say when they need to be spoken. Pray for her heart and mind to be encouraged, challenged, and refreshed during her time at this Haven Retreat.

O - Pray for her to accept the invitation God is extending to step outside of the busyness of life and find a place to sit, rest and just be; a porch swing or someplace where she can sit back and rest completely. Ask for her to know that stillness and hands that are at rest are as pleasing to God and necessary for the work she is doing as is movement and work in her hands. Pray that she would see how much God has for her in the moments of quiet and peace, that He longs to speak peace and renewal over her; pray that she would enter His rest and know a new and different fullness of life in the still and quiet place He is setting aside for her.

P - Pray for her as her family is in a season of transition, as they adjust to new things and strive to parent their 18-month-old to the best of their ability. Pray for their home, their words, and actions to be filled with grace, kindness, and forgiveness. Ask for hope and clarity to see Jesus among them and to know the truth of His presence.

Sunday, October 24

Pray for all of the women - those who attended and those a part of the Connection crew - as they return home to routines and habits, responsibilities, ministry, family, and friends. Pray that the things they experienced would be set with deep roots in them, as they look to the Lord to be their hope, confidence, and provision. Ask that they would have time and space to share with people the impact of this retreat on their hearts; to share moments of healing, encouragement, and encounters with the Holy Spirit. Pray for protection over each one as they jump back into life, that the things that God spoke over them would not only remain but would bear fruit.

Pray for Azmera and the continuing ministry that is happening through and because of this organization. Pray that the leadership will continue to seek God first, would be willing to listen and be obedient as He leads, and would allow the Holy Spirit to set the tone and direction for the things yet to come. Ask for a spirit of humility and unity and tangible actions of stepping aside when necessary. Pray for God to continue to be glorified through this organization and all those who are associated with it.

Thank You for being a part of this Haven Retreat, we are so grateful for you and for your willingness to make time to pray with us. Prayer is funny because it seems like such an easy thing to do but actually takes a lot of time and intention, and so often we don’t get to see any tangible results of the things we pray for. So thank you - for trusting God with your prayers; for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you as you have prayed; and for expecting Jesus to reveal Himself not only to those you’ve prayed for but to yourself as well. I hope the time you’ve spent praying has been sweet and fulfilling. May you walk in hope, expectation, and anticipation of what is yet to come from God just for you. May you delight in God and know that He sings over you, that He is good and has nothing but good for you. May you be bold in your prayers and ask big things of Him in faith, knowing that He is good and faithful and will do exceedingly more than we can ever think to ask or imagine. The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-25 (NIV)

- suzanna

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