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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 14)

The Cyprus Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the women as they arrive, that as they step over the threshold of the hotel and are greeted by the Connection Crew, they would sense a tangible shift in the atmosphere, as they are stepping into holy places set aside just for them. Pray that each woman would experience a softening of her heart and an opening of her eyes, ears, and mind as she steps into holy places, that she would sense the invitation that Jesus is extending just to her.

Pray that the Connection Crew to be sensitive to the needs of each woman present, and would listen to where and who the Holy Spirit is leading them to interact with - whether that is through conversation, prayer, or simply presence.

Pray that the initial time spent together would be foundational for the next few days; for truth and authenticity to be at the forefront of conversations and spaces for sharing. Pray for the worship and speaking session to be filled with the presence of God, for all of the women to feel God’s invitation to step deeper into His presence and know rest. Pray a covering of protection over every meeting room and space used for this retreat, that all the ground would be sanctified and nothing outside of God’s will would be allowed in.

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