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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 13)

Pray for Carrie as she gives her gifts of healing prayer and Fitness, that she would be available and filled with discernment with the women she interacts with. Pray that the expectations she carries with her would simply be to wait and see how Jesus is going to reveal Himself, and not just “overall” but for herself specifically. Pray that this time she is giving to be in Cyprus will be life-giving, unexpected and encouraging for her own walk with the Lord.

Pray for Karen, Betsy, and Melissa as they have set aside this time to serve through the gift and experience of one-on-one counseling. Pray that they as a counseling team will be united in spirit and thought as serve alongside one another. Ask that they would be filled with extra sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit and have an increase in discernment and wisdom for each woman they meet with. Pray for protection over each room that is used for counseling, that there would be no space for anything other than the presence of the Lord. Pray for Karen as she leads this team, that she will walk in confidence in her abilities and will speak with kindness and boldness as she is led.

Pray for Stacey as she spends time with the women giving haircuts and styles too; that the room she uses will be filled with light and laughter, that the conversations that take place will be full of hope and truth. Pray for Karen as she shares her gift of making jewelry, that as the women spend time working with their hands and being creative together, that there would be deep and honest conversation. Pray that the space that is used for this activity will be a safe space where truth and burdens can be shared and held tenderly and with honor.

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