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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 12)

Pray for Becca as she comes to speak and share from the Word and from her heart, that her eyes and focus would be fixed on Jesus. Pray for a silence and quieting of any distractions or things that would draw her away from the Lord. Ask that there would be an increase in the awareness of the power of the Holy Spirit within her, that she would speak in boldness and courage words of Truth, Light and the love of Jesus.

Pray for Crystal as she steps into the role of leading Pilates & Prayer as well as spending time one-on-one giving Spiritual Direction. Pray that the spaces she uses and leads in would be covered in the protection of the Lord, and that the time spent with the women in both settings would be filled with laughter and happiness. Pray that every conversation she has will be filled with the tangible presence of Jesus, that those who leave her presence will do so feeling as though weight and heaviness has been lifted from their shoulders.

Pray for Kristi, Elis, Patti, Diane, Ann, Stela and Christine as they tangibly serve through giving pedicures and being available to fill in the gaps as the need arises. Thank God for their willingness to be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus as they love the women through conversation, prayer and physical touch. Pray for each one of these women to walk in boldness and courage as they sit and wait to see how and where God leads them.

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