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Azmera CYPRUS Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (October 11)

Pray for Christina as she leads this retreat, that she would be rested and refreshed coming off of the Stateside Summit, and be able to focus and be present at this Haven Retreat. Ask for an increase in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading, that she would walk and obey boldly as she is led.

Pray for Britta as she steps into the role of Retreat Manager, that she would be filled with wisdom, discernment and grace as she navigates the details and challenges that will arise. Pray for her to get good rest every night, and be refreshed to communicate, encourage and be present for the women she interacts with.

Pray for Joy as she prepares to lead worship and be available for Spiritual Direction. Pray for her to make time to spend with the Lord each day she is away, to be silent with Him and allow Him to speak truth, direction and courage over her. Ask for wisdom and discernment as she leads worship and creates space for women to connect with God through music; pray for the time she spends with women one-on-one, for her to be present and sensitive to the needs that are presented.

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