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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 9)

Friday, April 9

A: Pray for her to see herself as God does - as beautiful, competent, gifted, and strong. Pray that the Holy Spirit would put protection all around her as she seeks God first, that His voice would be clearer and more true in her heart and mind than all the voices that compete for her attention. Ask that as she steps into the fullness of who God has created her that she would do so with confidence and with the assurance of God with and for her in all seasons and at all times.

V: Pray for wisdom and direction as she seeks what the next steps in ministry and life are. Pray that she would seek and listen to wise counsel; she would make time to sit in the Lord’s presence and listen to His voice as she asks Him the “what’s next?” questions. Ask that she would have clarity, discernment, and peace as she walks into the next thing.

T: The continued recovery from the Delta and Zeta hurricanes are on her heart; pray that she would see how to come alongside those still in need and to also be able to see the work her hands have already done and how God has used her in these areas. Ask that she would be encouraged that what she has done and is doing matters and is making a difference.

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