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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 8)

Thursday, April 8

A: Pray for her as she finalizes travel plans to attend the Haven Retreat, that travel would go smoothly and there would be no interruptions, delays, or any other problems. Pray that as travel is difficult in her country right now that she would go forward in peace and trust that God will make the way for her and provide everything that she needs. Ask that as she travels she would allow the Holy Spirit to bring her heart, mind, soul, and strength into a place of rest, hope, and a softening towards what He has in store for her.

B: Pray that all the details will continue to work out for her to attend this Retreat, as she longs and looks forward to gathering with believers after a year without having done so. Ask that the Lord will continue to prepare her for moments of holy communion with Him and with the other women, that she would soak up all the goodness that is in store for her and would allow herself to feel all the feelings and to be present to the emotions of the moments that will come without fear, shame or hesitation. Pray that she would be renewed and filled to overflowing through this time at the Haven Retreat.

M: Pray for an increase in wisdom and discernment concerning her husband’s position at the school he is at; ask that there be boldness and courage if changes need to be made on their part and peace and calm if changes are being made out of their control. Pray that she would be compassionate, kind and a gentle sounding board for her husband, that she would speak truth in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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