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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 7)

Wednesday, April 7

C: Pray for God’s provision, timing, and presence as she and her family are looking to buy a home. Ask that they would find the right connections, ask boldly and trust with whole hearts for God to give and reveal as He sees fit. Pray for patience, hope, and joy as they look ahead to all that God will do and has in store for them; pray that He will be glorified and worshipped in all that they do.

R: Pray that God will make a way for her to be at this Haven Retreat. For all the details, the space, and the finances to be in place for her to come to a spot to receive rest, hope, and encouragement. Ask that the Lord will continue to soften her heart towards Him and to what He is doing and longing to do in her life and heart. Pray that there will be a hedge of protection over her as she walks towards healing and hope.

T: Pray for her heart to be softened to what the Lord is doing in her life and to the things set before her. Ask that she would be bold in asking for help - that there would be no fear in acknowledging that sometimes it’s just hard to keep walking and we need someone to come alongside us and give us rest from and for the journey. Pray that she would take time to sit and be still in the presence of the Lord, and there would find deep rest for her soul. Pray that she would be filled with hope and confidence in the moments of rest.

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