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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 5-11)

Greetings, Friends!

We are hosting a Haven Retreat in Costa Rica, April 15 - 18. We are so excited for this opportunity - especially in the midst of a pandemic - and eagerly wait to see what God has in store for this time. We are so thankful for His provision and grace in making a way for this retreat to happen, and covet your prayers as we move forward in this season. We'll be praying for this Retreat, the women attending and the women volunteering over the next three weeks, so please feel free to join us in praying every day or as the time fits your schedule. Thanks for being here!

Monday, April 5

M: Pray for her as she steps away from family, ministry, and all the other responsibilities that she carries to rest and retreat with the Lord and with the women who will be attending. Ask that she find a place by quiet waters to rest with Jesus, to be refreshed in His presence, to be reminded of how much she is loved by God and how precious she is to Him. Pray that her heart will be filled again to overflowing with peace, with compassion, with grace, and with joy for who she is in Christ and with a new enthusiasm for what He has set before her. Pray that this time away will be everything that she needs and that she will see how God provides what she needs as the need arises.

T: Pray for her family as they look to sell their home in Costa Rica and at the same time begin a new business that will intentionally come alongside the vulnerable who live in their community to provide jobs and ongoing income. Pray that they would allow the Holy Spirit to lead them, they would see and acknowledge the provision of God and would walk in faith as God increases their trust in Him and what He is able to do. Ask that they would set good boundaries for their marriage, family, and business and know that as they pour into others they need to make time to be refilled.

J: Pray for her family who is on her heart - her elderly parents and their health and wellness; her three adult children and their marriages; her seven grandkids and their wellbeing; pray that she would know peace in her heart for her family and the lives they are all living, that she would be able to see the hand of God in and over them and would be confident in the sovereignty and goodness of God.

Tuesday, April 6

R: Pray for wisdom, discernment, knowledge, and provision as they begin many new ministries this year. Ask that they would be confident in the Lord’s leading and would lean in closely to hear His voice as He speaks to them. Pray that they would give good and healthy “no’s” and “yes’s” that will bring life and create safe spaces for them to rest. Pray for wholeness, joy, and light as they walk in many new directions.

G: Pray for healing in her right eye, as there is an issue with the retina. Pray that she would trust God to provide what is needed as the need arises and that her faith would gain traction as she looks to the Lord to show how He is Jehovah Rapha, the God who Heals. Ask that in all things she would see where God is at work and would give Him glory with all that she is.

C: Pray for wisdom in leading and guiding the ministries she is a part of and has responsibilities for. Ask that she would find herself in a continuous place of seeking the Lord’s direction and guidance, that she would trust His voice over all the other voices that compete for her time and attention. Pray that she would make time and space to spend in His presence, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to her, to provide for her, and to give rest and hope to her spirit. Pray for protection over her mind and over the work of her hands.

Wednesday, April 7

C: Pray for God’s provision, timing, and presence as she and her family are looking to buy a home. Ask that they would find the right connections, ask boldly and trust with whole hearts for God to give and reveal as He sees fit. Pray for patience, hope, and joy as they look ahead to all that God will do and has in store for them; pray that He will be glorified and worshipped in all that they do.

R: Pray that God will make a way for her to be at this Haven Retreat. For all the details, the space, and the finances to be in place for her to come to a spot to receive rest, hope, and encouragement. Ask that the Lord will continue to soften her heart towards Him and to what He is doing and longing to do in her life and heart. Pray that there will be a hedge of protection over her as she walks towards healing and hope.

T: Pray for her heart to be softened to what the Lord is doing in her life and to the things set before her. Ask that she would be bold in asking for help - that there would be no fear in acknowledging that sometimes it’s just hard to keep walking and we need someone to come alongside us and give us rest from and for the journey. Pray that she would take time to sit and be still in the presence of the Lord, and there would find deep rest for her soul. Pray that she would be filled with hope and confidence in the moments of rest.

Thursday, April 8

A: Pray for her as she finalizes travel plans to attend the Haven Retreat, that travel would go smoothly and there would be no interruptions, delays, or any other problems. Pray that as travel is difficult in her country right now that she would go forward in peace and trust that God will make the way for her and provide everything that she needs. Ask that as she travels she would allow the Holy Spirit to bring her heart, mind, soul, and strength into a place of rest, hope, and a softening towards what He has in store for her.

B: Pray that all the details will continue to work out for her to attend this Retreat, as she longs and looks forward to gathering with believers after a year without having done so. Ask that the Lord will continue to prepare her for moments of holy communion with Him and with the other women, that she would soak up all the goodness that is in store for her and would allow herself to feel all the feelings and to be present to the emotions of the moments that will come without fear, shame or hesitation. Pray that she would be renewed and filled to overflowing through this time at the Haven Retreat.

M: Pray for an increase in wisdom and discernment concerning her husband’s position at the school he is at; ask that there be boldness and courage if changes need to be made on their part and peace and calm if changes are being made out of their control. Pray that she would be compassionate, kind and a gentle sounding board for her husband, that she would speak truth in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Friday, April 9

A: Pray for her to see herself as God does - as beautiful, competent, gifted, and strong. Pray that the Holy Spirit would put protection all around her as she seeks God first, that His voice would be clearer and more true in her heart and mind than all the voices that compete for her attention. Ask that as she steps into the fullness of who God has created her that she would do so with confidence and with the assurance of God with and for her in all seasons and at all times.

V: Pray for wisdom and direction as she seeks what the next steps in ministry and life are. Pray that she would seek and listen to wise counsel; she would make time to sit in the Lord’s presence and listen to His voice as she asks Him the “what’s next?” questions. Ask that she would have clarity, discernment, and peace as she walks into the next thing.

T: The continued recovery from the Delta and Zeta hurricanes are on her heart; pray that she would see how to come alongside those still in need and to also be able to see the work her hands have already done and how God has used her in these areas. Ask that she would be encouraged that what she has done and is doing matters and is making a difference.

Saturday, April 10

J: Pray for light and hope in the long struggle she’s had with infertility and the longing for a baby. Ask God to do the miracles and give life and light where there has been such longing and where things feel dark and heavy and feelings of being unseen or forgotten threaten to overwhelm. Pray that she would have community and support to walk this road with her, who will encourage and fight for her. Jesus, we pray that You would move in power and life, that You would show where and how You are at work, that You would reveal Your plan and timing and that all would cry “Glory!” to You for who You are and for what You have done and will do.

J: Pray for wisdom, knowledge, and direction in their ministry as they follow God’s leading and trust Him to show them where He is at work and the places He is inviting them to step into in partnership with Him. Pray for their family and marriage as they parent five kids on a mission field with all of the struggles, obstacles, and challenges that arise. Pray that their family would be given a new burst of life, of laughter, of joy, and of peace as they go through the routines of being a family in the midst of ministry and living overseas.

R: Pray for wisdom and patience as she does virtual schooling with her two foster children. Pray that she would be confident in how she is coming alongside the kids to teach them and to guide them through this season of pandemic life. Pray that they would have fun together, be able to laugh at the obstacles that come their way, and would give one another grace and kindness on the hard days. Ask that this time would draw them closer together and build self-esteem and confidence in both her and the kids.

Sunday, April 11

Today our Connection Crew begins the trip to Costa Rica! We’re so excited and thankful for this group of women. Will you pray for protection over each one as she travels today? For smooth connections and rest on the flights, for peace of mind and heart as they leave families, work, and routine for this time, and for anticipation for what God has in store for each one over the coming days of the Haven Retreat.

J: Pray that she will see the provision of God for her to attend this retreat, not just financially but also in time away from home and ministry. Ask that this time and opportunity to retreat from the routine of life for a few days will be blessed; that she will find rest, encouragement, challenge, and accountability in ways she isn’t even aware that she needs or is looking for. Pray for joy and the cool refreshment of the Holy Spirit to pour over her every moment that she is away.

J: Pray for discernment in planning for the future, for wisdom in plans yet to come. Pray for her ears and heart to be open to the Lord’s voice, for an increase in sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and for boldness and confidence as plans are made and put into motion. Ask that she would be supernaturally aware of the provision and guidance of God as she walks forward in faith.

C: Pray for her as she continues to wait and hope in the midst of this pandemic, that she would not grow weary or discouraged but would continue to look to God for rest, for direction, and for hope. Pray that she would see that with Jesus there are no walls or restrictions even though the state of the world and life around her can be so dark and can feel confining. Pray that she would see Light around her, that God would show her where He is working and how He is using her, and above all how loved she is and how secure she can be in Christ. Ask for peace and calm to cover her, for fear and anxiety to be cast away in the Name of Jesus.

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