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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 24)

Saturday, April 24

Pray for each of the women who were involved in this Haven Retreat, as things get back into a more normal rhythm that they would all make time and space for staying connected with the Lord and with one another. Pray for the truth heard to continue to be received and put into practice. Pray for protection over each woman as she walks in truth and love in boldness and with the authority of the Holy Spirit within her.

Pray for Azmera and the continual looking ahead to the “what next” that God has in store. Pray for the leadership to be in a constant state of sensitivity and listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice and leading, for obedience and a spirit of humility in all things. Pray that God would continue to lead and bless this ministry as there are new ideas and hope for what is yet to come ever on the horizon. Ask that God would clearly reveal what He longs for from this ministry.

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