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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 23)

Friday, April 23

C: Pray for her as she processes the time she spent with Jesus through the season of Lent, that the things she heard from God and experienced in her time with Him will be solid and planted deep within her. Ask for an increase in confidence in who she is in Christ and who He is to her. Pray that if there are any areas where she may be hesitating or wondering if she heard correctly that there would be confirmation for her during the time at the Retreat.

J: Pray that as her daughter continues to adjust to a new school schedule of in person and online, that there would be grace, patience and that they would both know when to set the boundary of “enough” and walk away for a minute. Pray that in this season together their relationship will grow in new and beautiful ways: for trust, laughter, and honesty to become a hallmark of their relationship. Ask that she would define and hold to good boundaries of ministry and family needs, and not allow herself to fall by the wayside.

H: Pray for her to feel the love of Jesus, and the light of His protection and presence with her always, for peace and calm to be poured over her heart and mind in greater measure. Ask that as she seeks a new sense of purpose and direction that she will make time to be still in the Lord’s presence and allow Jesus to speak words of truth, affirmation, and clarity to her heart, mind, and spirit and that as He does so she would find her spirit calmed and rested in Him. Pray for unity with her husband, that they would work together and move in alignment in their marriage; that they would seek the Lord individually and together, and would know renewed life and hope in their relationship.

S: Pray for the restoration of her marriage, for healing and humility, for wholeness and redemption to be a part of their story, for God’s will to be in their hearts and lives. Pray that as she longs to see God at work in her heart and in her husband’s heart, that she would bring her weariness, disappointment, doubt, anger and grief continually to Jesus and allow Him to hold her and to hold all of her feelings. Ask that in this season she would come to know God and Jesus with her like she never has known before, and that it would be life and preservation for her. Pray for her husband to feel the Holy Spirit stirring him and calling him into holiness and freedom from what is binding him. Jesus, we claim Your power and presence over S and her husband, and ask that You work miracles and speak truth, and that in all things You will be glorified and Your Name would be known in greater measure. We pray for hope, for healing and for your kingdom come in this marriage and in the hearts of these two people who You have called by name.

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