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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 22)

Thursday, April 22

C: Pray for continued trust, vision and clarity as they look ahead towards the rest of the year, while still being impacted by the effects of the pandemic on their self-supporting business. Ask that they would walk in joy and hope for what God has in store for them and that they would see His provision in beautiful and unexpected ways. Pray that they would continue to look to the Lord to be their daily bread even as He provides it.

A: Pray for her as she leaves her family to attend this retreat, for her husband and two kids at home without her for these few days. Pray for protection and peace over each one of them, for the family at home to have a great time together and for patience, grace, and kindness to present in each person. Ask that as she is at this retreat she will be able to focus on herself and on her walk with the Lord, and be undistracted by any worries or anxiety that lies in wait. Pray for a renewal and refreshing of her heart and spirit beyond anything she’s expecting.

V: Pray that she would feel in her heart and spirit a fresh wind from God, a renewed sense of the fragrance of heaven in, over, and through her as she walks with God. Ask that she would turn to Jesus and continue to choose Him, to see how He is fighting for her; that she would be reminded that He sees her, He knows her, He loves her, and is longing to answer the deepest cries of her heart that may be unspoken even to Him. Pray that God would pour out His Spirit on her in abundance and power for her good and for the Glory of His Name.

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