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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 21)

Wednesday, April 21

A: Pray for their first social business as it opens in the community they serve, that they would continue to trust God to provide what they need as they walk forward in faith. Pray for blessing and fruit to be visible to them, even as things may not go as planned, they would continue to choose to follow the Lord’s leading. Pray for space and time to connect with God and allow Him to show them His heart for them and for the ministry and people He has called them to. Ask that they would not get too caught up in the details of “things” and lose sight of the heart of the ministry and the people they are coming alongside of.

L: Pray for healthy friendships for her, for people she can connect with on a heart and spirit level, for genuine vulnerability and authenticity without fear of judgment or criticism. Pray that her friends will support and encourage her, and offer respite and space in which to breathe deeply of the Lord’s presence as He desires to give her rest from the stress’ of cultural and ministry fatigue. Pray that as she spends time with Jesus that it would be just to rest and allow Him to love her and speak truth to her.

A: Pray for God to continue working on their behalf as they wait to move from Costa Rica to Italy. Ask that there would be an increase of trust and faith and they would see how God is at work and continuing to use them in this long season of waiting and transition. Pray there would be movement and hope as they wait with anticipation for the good things to come; ask that they would see glimpses of the “how” and “why” in God’s timing in all things.

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