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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 20)

Tuesday, April 20

The Connection Crew begins their trip home today, pray for good weather as they travel, for smooth flights and transitions, and for rest for each woman on the journey home. Pray that they would continue to look to the Lord for rest as their minds begin transitioning back to the things they set aside for this Retreat. Ask for their hearts to be filled to fullness with the goodness of the Lord and the reminder that He is always at work and chose to use them for good and glory during their time in Costa Rica. Pray that they would see how He has made a way for them not only during this Retreat but also in the things that wait for them at home, that they would see His hand in and over the things that matter to their hearts and minds.

Pray for the hotel staff and guests in Costa Rica that were witnesses to the Retreat, that they would be encouraged in their walks with and pursuit of God; that curiosity for who the Lord is would remain after having seen Him in the women who were there. Pray that God would use people around them to point them towards Himself, to raise up disciples and followers who will walk with Him.

Pray for the family and friends of all the women who were at the Retreat; that as they will be excited to have their wife/mom/sister/daughter/friend back and will want to hear all about the things that happened, that there will be given space for each woman to share as she feels comfortable and at her own pace. Pray for holiness and protection to cover each woman as she shares her story and gives glory to God.

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